Juancho Hernangómez, from Estudiantes to the NBA and to make the leap to Netflix with ‘Garra’: ‘It was never my dream to become an actor’ – CINEMABLEND

Juancho Hernangómez, from Estudiantes to the NBA and to make the leap to Netflix with ‘Garra’: ‘It was never my dream to become an actor’ – CINEMABLEND

We spoke with the interpreter and his partner, Maria Putto, from the movie about the world of basketball starring Adam Sandler. Premieres June 3 in theaters.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Juancho Hernangomes (1995, Madrid, Spain) was very focused on basketball. The player has been transferred from Denver Nuggets to me Minnesota Timberwolves Can get hold of. With these, the NBA was suddenly paralyzed. “No one knows what will happen to the world”Remember in Sensa Cinemas. So, I’m a bored prisoner, locked up in his brother’s house willy -Also an NBA player- in Charlotte (North Carolina) and led by his sister AndreaPerformed an “acting” operation for a movie. “After several months I said no, I didn’t want to do any ‘choice’,” he says. “It was never my dream to become an actor.”.

But life sometimes takes unexpected paths and June 3 -The June 8 Arrive on the broadcast platform – Hernangómez premiere in theaters clawa Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler and about what he does best: basketball. “Luck. Unexpected. Right time, right situation. Pandemic. Boredom.”the actor now also sums up when we asked him how an NBA player ends up showing a movie for the first time.

As he explains:

I had no idea how to act, so we started recording and playing movies, and playing movies I made a real movie.

Directed by Jeremiah Zagar claw Follow Stanley (Sandler), a basketball explorer who met in Spain, what he believes is the NBA’s new promise: Bo Cruz Hernangomes, a young man with a difficult past. Stanley bets on him and takes him to Philadelphia to be trained and signed by a team.

From the NBA to share the stage with Adam Sandler

Juancho Hernangomez and Adam Sandler as “Gara”.

Play Hernangomes in the students From 2014 to 2016. He started his NBA career with the Denver Nuggets, a team he was with until 2020. From there he went to the Minnesota Timberwolves (2020-2021), to Boston Celtics (2021-2022), in San Antonio Spurs (2022) and currently playing with Utah Jazz. In 2019, he was a champion with Spain in the Basketball World Cup in China.

His parents, Guillermo Hernangómez and Margarita Geuer, were former basketball players. His brother Willie also plays in the NBA with New Orleans Pelicans And her sister Andrea is also a basketball player in the NCAA League with Fairfield Stags from Fairfield University. In addition to all this, he made a movie with Adam Sandler.

“It was a luxury. I didn’t think it was as big as it is.”, tells about working with the actor. “He’s a normal guy. A basketball fan, he loves acting, it’s like in real life, like he’s acting in movies. He improvises, puts on his music, jokes all day…We had a good relationship at no time did I feel nervous or pressuredHernangomez asserts that his department was more surprised by his work with Sandler: “My friend Adam. We talk after the games. I call him and say, ‘Hey, can we have a party at your house?'” “.

The person who had the opportunity to meet one of her idols is Maria Putu, in which she plays claw a Polamother of Guanchou character. “If Maria sees Adam, it’s like I’ve seen Michael Jordan.”Hernangomez confirms. “I’ve been a huge fan of Adam Sandler ever since Saturday Night Live […] On the first day I had a feeling that I would meet my idol. I remember the first thing he did was start singing. Play singing and start singingBhutto remembers.

As the actress continues her experience working with Sandler:

It’s nice. It’s very clear that work comes first. To me, he is one of the most complete people I have ever met. When it comes to knowing about production and acting… he takes charge of the entire shoot, that’s why you have to have a great mind and great generosity to be attentive to everyone

claw It also came to the hands of Bhutto in full confinement. “We were all so bored, there was a lot of uncertainty and it was like something to do. I wonder. It was so good to work in the middle of the pandemic.” Also, with this film, the actress managed to combine acting and her passion for basketball. I’ve been madly in love with basketball since I was 12.”.

Like Hernangómez, Botto took an audition and was well aware that LeBron James is one of the film’s producers. “orOne of the things I was most afraid of was the doubt of LeBron James.”, law Project. “So, I made a version of one of the sequences in two different ways. One the way I thought Adam would like it better. And the other way I thought LeBron James would like it better.” LeBron said, ‘Oh, yeah. He said it to me, we’re colleagues,” Hernangomez jokes.

Realistic “Gara”

Juancho Hernangomez with Anthony Edwards.

“The movie did an amazing job trying to keep it as close to reality as possible.”the hero answers when we ask him about the extent of the truth of what is seen in him claw. “All the tests that were passed before the draft, I’ve tried that, and it’s very similar. It’s the uncertainty, the not knowing, trying to compete against a new world. You don’t know the kind of basketball, you don’t know English, I didn’t know anything when I got into the league. NBA or you tried to fight for the American dream.

realistic claw Not only was it about how he portrayed the world of basketball – and with all the real players that appear in the film – the director also wanted to give a true picture of Spain. “When we first got to the set, one of the things Jeremiah said to us was, ‘Look at everything, and see if something isn’t…’. And in fact, we found Mexican food. There was chili, dude. Bhutto reveals.

The problem is there In the United States they often confuse Mexican Spanish with SpanishHernangomez adds. The confusion with language led to a change in the text: the use of diminutive “poletta” to refer to the hero’s daughter. “The first year we scored about half of the movie or less… At first, I called her in the script ‘Boletta’. I said in several scenes: “I really miss Paulita. I can’t wait to see Bolita…'” Hernangomez recalls. There will be memes all the time.He told the manager.

How did it all end? You can find out by watching our interview with Heroes claw.

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