Kanye West: There is already a release date for his documentary on Netflix | Music


Jane Yeohs: Kanye’s trilogy to provide a look back at his career

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La Vida De Kanye West It’s always been something we’ve been talking about—the “DONDA” launch, his presidential nomination, his critical friendship with Marilyn Manson and his divorce from Kim Kardashian—to name a few; but now The rapper will present a new three-part documentary Focusing more on his creative side Jane Yeohs: The Kanye Trilogy.

The documentary will be released on Netflix He promised to give fans an in-depth look into the rapper’s musical journey, and explore the way he’s recorded some of the most important tracks of his career, and thus of this genre, over the past two decades.

“Divide into Kanye West’s Journey, Over Twenty Years in Development,” advances A teaser From the streaming platform, he promises a “worldwide event that will happen only once in a lifetime” by revealing in detail how the iconic rapper’s career has been, since his inception, the controversies he faced and his rise to fame.

When does Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy appear on Netflix?

first part of Jane Yeohs: The Kanye Trilogy Coming to Netflix from February 16th, six days after the first part was released in select theaters in the United States.

The film was directed by Cody and Chick, who worked with him on the music videos for “Jesus Walks” and “Through the Wire,” so it’s sure to be a captivating visual spectacle.

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