If the continent is the home of the heart of this sport, it is Africa. Champions from different distances were born and trained in the different countries that make up them. Much has been researched and written about the traits that make African runners dominate the sport in various events for decades, and of course, there is a lot to do with it as they are born, develop and train in an effort to achieve victory.

Uganda is a country located on the African continent with a population of about 45 million people. In Uganda there is Kapshurwa, a mountainous region of unusual natural origins, with reddish dirt roads where runners of different types usually train, at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres. The hills that make up it are ideal for runners to perform different routines. A healthy environment and a simple diet devoid of processed products contribute to its performance.

Kapchorwa runners are slim, tall, graceful and have long legs. In addition to unusual physical features, they have dreams and desires for success based on the example of world stars, which, if realized, would allow them to get the success and well-being that they yearn for, in an area with few opportunities that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach.

Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei is a citizen of those lands; He was crowned world champion in 2019 in the 10,000m test in addition to holding various world records. Jacob Kiplemo was also born in Uganda and was the 2020 World Half Marathon Champion and Olympic competitor.

Although Kapchorwa does not currently have advanced facilities like the famous training centers located in Kenya and Ethiopia, its authorities have suggested making the site a favorite for athletes from different parts of the world.

Africa will continue to be a production hub for big marathons and Uganda will undoubtedly be one of its major suppliers.

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David E. Leon Romero

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