Kurt Cobain’s 10 Favorite Movies: The titles that have marked his life and art

The famous grunge musician was a fanatic and connoisseur of cinema. 55 years after his birth, we remember him with these 10 films that influenced him. Santiago Garcia reports.

Kurt Cobain It will forever be the slogan of the 90’s music. Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Band Leader Nirvana, became the standard bearer of Generation X and its influence continues to this day in various forms. He was born on February 20, 1967 and died on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27. One of the records of his worldview is his declaration of his love for some films. Ten of them make up a small canon covering a diverse but interesting taste for cinema.

On the edge (1979)

Over the Edge, directed by Jonathan Kaplan.

The most neglected films on the list but the most important. Cult address managed by Jonathan Kaplan It tells of the rebellion of a group of teenagers in a small town in the United States. With strong political and social content, the film is not at all satisfied and reflects the discomfort between parents and children as well as with the law. It was .’s first appearance Matt Dillon In cinema, prior to starring in the Young Rebel classic, untouchables (strangers) And the Street Law (Rumble Fish).

Kurt Cobain said about this On the edge: “It really defined my personality. It’s really cool. A complete mess.”

This is Spinal Tap (1984)

"This is Spinal Tap" It is a movie about a heavy metal band.
“This is Spinal Tap” is a movie about the heavy metal band.

Another cult movie. a comic documentary About a heavy metal band invented for the movie. So brilliant and subtle comedy that it led to the creation of a fan club for the fantasy band, whose actors ended up performing live and making recordings.

Directed by Rob ReinerDirector depended on (stand by Me) And the When Harry Met Sally… starring Christopher GuestMichael McCain And the Harry Shearer. A hilarious picture of the world of rock bands.

an eraser (1977)

"an eraser" This is David Lynch's first feature.
“Eraserhead” is the feature debut of David Lynch.

for the first time from David Lynch This shows all his mastery and madness. Another cult classic on Cobain’s favorites list. Filmed in black and white for three years, it is one of the director’s most disturbing, beautiful and introductory films in the world of cinema.

Street dogs (tank dogs1992)

"tank dogs" It is Quentin Tarantino's first feature film.
“Reservoir Dogs” is Quentin Tarantino’s first feature film.

The first feature film Quentin Tarantino And another major piece of North American independent cinema. The story of a failed assault and the infiltration of a police officer within the gang that has been turned into a movie respected for its beauty and the structure of its novel. It is also a story of loyalties and betrayals, with the protagonist suffering from both. Nineties classics. Available on HBO Max.

Close encounters of the third kind (Close encounters of the third kind1977)

"Close encounters of the third kind" It's a Steven Spielberg movie.
The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg.

This is probably the most popular movie on the list. Great science fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg He has an optimistic view of meeting other civilizations and also tells the story of a character who went out against all logic to meet the signal he received. A full-scale show with a lonely hero and also a dreamer.

pink flamingos (1972)

"pink flamingos"Directed by John Waters.
Pink Flamingos, directed by John Waters.

The most disgusting and provocative comedy John Waters. championship divine, the drag queen of the director. It is famous for some of the outrageous scenes that made history, including the horrific moments that were never transcended. Free cinema with incomparable sense of humor made at a time when no one was making this kind of art.

Naked lunch (Naked lunch1991)

"Naked lunch" It is a quote from William S.  Burrows.
“The Naked Lunch” is a quote from the book by William S. Burrows.

nothing less than David Cronenberg This edit is directed to the book by William S. Burroughs. The film is a script by the author and a curious biography of his life at the time of his most famous script. Although the film does not have the fame of the book, it is a homage to the rebellious and broken spirit of the original writing.

rear window (rear window1954)

"rear window"by Alfred Hitchcock (1954).
“Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock (1954).

This is a masterpiece Alfred Hitchcock championship James Stewart And the Grace Kelly It’s the perfect suspense magician. A professional photographer recovers from an injury while sitting in a wheelchair and thinks he discovers from a window that a neighbor has murdered his wife. One of the most imitated films of all time and also a dark humorous tale of marital conflict. Available on HBO Max.

do not look back (1967)

"do not look back" It is a documentary about Bob Dylan.
“Don’t Look Back” is a documentary about Bob Dylan.

The director’s documentary DA Pennebaker On Bob Dylan. One of the most important feature films in the world of rock music. Make Dylan’s photo popular by displaying a series of posters with words and phrases from his song “The Subterranean Blues”Which later became the most famous video clip of the singer. Pennebaker has been imitated by many and remains a mandatory reference.

Paris, Texas (1984)

For Kurt Cobain, "Paris, Texas" It was his favorite movie of all time.
For Kurt Cobain, “Paris, Texas” was his all-time favorite movie.

The movie Kurt Cobain mentioned as his favorite movie of all time. Directed by German director Wim Wenders In the United States, championship Harry Dean Stanton And the Natasga Kinski. Travis Henderson is a man who wanders aimlessly in Texas with no recollection of his life. He will try to recover his memory and rebuild his life with his wife and son. The audio clip for Ray Coder It’s more famous than the movie itself, and it’s a true classic.

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