La Jornada – Fans Should Hear the Call to Eliminate the Gay Cry: Martino


Mexico City. As the final match of the Nations League against the United States approached, Mexico coach Gerardo Martino confirmed, “They have already done everything they can to avoid the anti-gay cry, but it would be good for the fans to listen to the ‘stop’.”

“Sanctions and decision-making by the authorities can get to the point where we can no longer do anything other than what people are told. We can do no more, so it would be nice if you listen and respect this wake-up call,” the helmsman said in a video conference. “.

The cry unleashed the controversy again, after the duel between Mexico and Costa Rica, which meets in the semi-finals of the Nations League, was interrupted for several minutes as the tricolor fans chanted “Eh, silly!”

Even Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), acknowledged that “CONCACAF can take very strict measures and affect the following matches regardless of the type of tournament; they can force us to play behind closed doors. Things can get very ugly.”

He noted that Mexico “has already received more than 14 fines estimated at $400,000 in recent years for this problem.” However, although FIFA called for an end to the yell to avoid penalties, its campaigns did not focus on raising awareness among homophobic fans and could not stop the controversial shriek.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa also asked the fans to “stop, because that affects us” to members of the Mexican national team.

“We ask in this game, as well as in the following games, to stop shouting, in the long run it can hurt. He noted the need to devote ourselves to enjoying, supporting the players and respecting the opponent.

Regarding the duel against the United States, Martino acknowledged that the opponent has quality youth elements, but he hopes the tricolor team experience will prevail.

“It will be up to us to impose our game, and we will do it our way, with experienced players who know how to handle games, and respect the idea of ​​the game. The United States has its own sense of vertigo and the rhythm of its youth, but we hope for what we want.”

He added: “The United States is full of important football players, one stops at those who play in Europe, there are three or four MLS are doing well, we will take care of everyone and take care of the qualities of each of them.”

When asked about the quality of the front positions, Martineau was upset and defended Henry Martin and Alan Pulido.

“It seems disrespectful to say we don’t have nine, there are two players in the position, one is Pulido and the other is Martin, then the evaluation they make depends exclusively on you (the media),” he said.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Ochoa agreed that although the UN Championship is a new tournament without a sports award, “we are risking our standing” as a powerhouse in CONCACAF; In addition, the duel against the United States “must serve in the playoffs” bound for Qatar 2022.

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