La Jornada – Open Parliament announced the definition of the Science Act initiative

La Jornada – Open Parliament announced the definition of the Science Act initiative

The House of Representatives and the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) will work in a coordinated manner in the provision of the Common Law Initiative for the Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation, put forward by the Federal Executive, for which the Parliament will be held open, with no less than seven forums, in order to ensure the participation of the sectors concerned.

This was agreed by the President of Conacyt, María Elena Alvarez-Buela and the Chair of the Science, Technology and Innovation Committee, Vice President of PVEM Javier López-Casarín, who agreed to chart a clear legislative path towards a new regulatory framework on this issue.

The official said on Twitter that the meeting with the legislator – at Conasset’s facilities – “helps us further the path we want to develop science, technology and innovative vision in our country.”

He noted that the initiative is “a proposal that promotes scientific rigor with social and environmental relevance, as well as access to global knowledge while respecting our traditional knowledge.”

For his part, López-Casarín announced the holding of upcoming working groups to exchange information between the federal agency and the legislative committee responsible for the governance process, in conjunction with education.

We have “the responsibility to build a solid law that will be profitable for the next 50 years at least. Hence the need to listen to all voices and not exclude anyone who could contribute something constructively.”

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