La Jornada – Right-wing groups create the power to work from Mexico

La Jornada – Right-wing groups create the power to work from Mexico

Mexico City. With the support of Vox and other far-right parties in Europe and America, Mexican Alice Galván López created Fundación Patria Unida here, which, she said, aims, she said, to form opinion and leaders who confront Morena’s ideology and prevent it from preserving the year 2024.

Founder and President of Patria Unida, young Galvan Lopez was an advisor to National Action Party (PAN) Senator Alejandra Reynuso, and in that capacity traveled to several European countries at the end of last year, with the purpose of participating in an indoctrination course given by Vox in Spain and members of other fascist parties in France, Poland and Hungary.

Returning to Mexico, he founded Patria Unida, which emerged, he stated yesterday in a statement, with conviction to unite the population against the “extreme left”, which in recent decades has imposed “ideas of hate” that “destroy our civilization”. “.

Galvan Lopez has denied that his organization is a subsidiary of Vox. No, we are not affiliated with any political party in Mexico or abroad. We are non-partisan and independent. Willing to join with those who share our values. We seek political advocacy from organized civil society,” he answered a series of questions that were sent to him in writing.

However, in his statement, announcing the creation of Patria Unida, he highlighted that it “has significant support from international leaders who share the values ​​of the Hispanic American Right.”

It also stipulates that its institution should have a national and international council; The latter includes Eduardo Fernandez, head of studies at the Desenzo Foundation, which created Vox to promote its far-right ideology – which in Spain includes racist and xenophobic policies – as well as to fight left-wing governments in Latin America. Also participating is Representative Ignacio Garriga, of the Spanish far-right formation.

He stressed that among those who “already publicly expressed their support” for Patria Yoneda, former Chilean presidential candidate Jose Antonio Caste, whose father, Michael Caste, a Nazi army officer, collaborated with the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, as well as Uruguay. Pedro Ezern, CEO of Cescos, and other figures from the right, such as Vanya Thais, political commentator and director of Pro Libertad Peru.

Is your organization’s real goal to train leaders who stand up to Morena’s ideology and is it also part of a strategy to prevent her from winning the presidency again in 2024? – I asked.

-yes. Because we cannot allow any government or party allied with the dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to impose their ideology and divide us. With this government, our liberties are at stake. And that’s a job we need now and beyond 2024, answered Galvan Lopez, a law graduate with a master’s degree in government and public policy from the University of Iberoamericana.

In the information published yesterday and found on Facebook and other digital platforms, it was emphasized that “Patria Unida will operate from four pillars: study and research; exercise; occurrence and international relations. It is worth noting that monthly reports, surveys and policy reports will be issued, in addition to diploma courses, webinars, training courses and training seminars in companies, universities and schools. He will get his first diploma drive yourself“.

Where will the funding come from?

Funded by active members and their families, all free and courageous Mexicans convinced of the urgent need to unite the country. We seek to share with all those who share the values ​​of Patria Unida.

When asked about PAN’s relationship with her institution, she said there are none, “but we are open to working with all politicians who are committed to promoting and defending democracy, freedoms and the rule of law. And we are always open to dialogue.”

Despite this, at the Patria Unidad Association presentation, which took place in a social event hall in Calzada de las Aguilas, last Thursday night, Association member Cecilia Romero, Fernando Rodríguez Duval, now a spokesman for the fugitive, attended. Ricardo Anaya, among other members of the Acción Nacional, as well as academics associated with the Right.

From Spain, Vox, with the voice of its deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, sent a video clip containing a message of approval for the birth of Patria Yoneda in Mexico.

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