The fraternity plays opposites on the young; Causes permanent brain damage

The fraternity plays opposites on the young;  Causes permanent brain damage

The “initiation riteIn the universities of the United States it is still constant sometimes ending in tragedy; The following story is one of them.

Danny Santoli, a 19-year-old college student, was so They were bullied that left him with permanent brain damage It prevents you from moving or talking.

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In a video he received ABC News Network Danny can be seen along with other students at the University of Missouri’s graduation rites, all consuming copious amounts of vodka and beer during Pledge Reveal Night as the ceremony was known.

it is known that The ritual was performed in October 2021 But so far the dramatic photo issue has been released.

After he finds himself completely out of whack due to alcohol, his other co-workers carry Danny to a nearby car.

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Unfortunately, on the way, the drunk young men leave Danny, who falls to the ground and ends up hitting his head.

What seemed like a typical college fraternity party would leave Danny with permanent damage, and eight months later the young man is still unable to move or speak.

A little bit of the Young people who attended the party They will admit it Try calling 911 But, given the large amount of alcohol they had, None of them were able to properly dial the number.

Danny’s family now demands justice and that party officials face criminal proceedings.

Data from local media indicate that since 2000 At least 65 students died in the ritual of this kind in fraternities in the United States.


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