La Jornada – The third wave of the pandemic is ‘spreading and accelerating’ in Africa: WHO


Brazzaville. The WHO office on this continent has warned that the third wave of COVID-19 cases is “spreading and accelerating” in Africa with variables, and called for an increase in vaccine supplies.

According to Dr Machidiso Moeti, WHO Director for Africa, during a virtual press conference, the number of “cases is increasing by 22% every week” across the continent.

“Africa needs doses (vaccines) here and now to stop the third wave,” he said.

“About 12 million people have been fully vaccinated, but this represents less than 1% of the population” on the continent, says the World Health Organization in a statement.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and Uganda have recorded the largest number of weekly cases since the beginning of the epidemic.

The statement stated that “the delta variant was detected in 14 African countries, and the beta and alpha variants were found in 25 African countries.”

However, the World Health Organization in Africa highlighted the acceleration of vaccination on the continent, with more than 5 million doses given in the past five days, compared to a weekly average of 3.5 million doses in the past three weeks.

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