La Jornada – Young driver Andres Perez de Lara will focus his career on enclosed cars


At the age of 15, Andres Perez de Lara became the first rookie to win a title in the NASCAR Series Mexico, in the 2020 trucks category, after which he became clear about the path he would follow in motorsport, always inside closed cars.

“The year has started, not like it ended. This tournament opens many doors for racing abroad and also for moving into the next category here in Mexico,” said the young midfielder who will make his debut at the 2021 tournament in the Challenge category, a minor star in NASCAR, Mexico, He may also have a chance in the US NASCAR training program.

Truck Championship “It was a very big goal that was achieved, I am very happy.” Said the young man who was crowned on December 18 at the end of the campaign in his first trial in closed cars called stockHe climbed into a class right after he trained and won many children’s titles in Go wagons And participate in Formula 4.

“I came from Trolleys Formula 4. During the epidemic, I started running a lot in the simulators and it gave me the opportunity to be in NASCAR, at TrucksWell at the moment that’s what I love the most, and yeah, I think I’ve already found a class, “said the rider convinced, who celebrates adaptation very quickly.

He was convinced that in closed cars “there are many more opportunities” than in the formulas. “I like them the most and yeah, I think that’s where I’m going to start climbing in the categories, and I think there is a place to grow.”

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