Who are the strategic planners for the “triple” women’s groups?


The Mexican women’s national team started a new era with coaches led Experienced on and off the field, the first time in history led by women in the majors, under-20 and under-17.

Monica Vergara, Maribel Dominguez and Anna GalindoThey will be responsible for printing a different character for their classes, while continuing the training process.

Galindo won the league title with America Fiminil.

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On January 19, everything changed in the Mexican women’s national team Monica Vergara has been appointed Artistic Director of the Master Category, And taking a step forward in his experience as a strategist.

The coach was under her command of ‘Tri’ Sub-17, who led to the 2018 World Cup Final, where she lost to Spain.

In addition, she participated in the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany as a technical assistant to Leonardo Coyard.

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For the U-20 category, Maribel Dominguez is one of the best Mexican players who has played for Barcelona FiminilAs a strategist, he will take charge of success.

Marigol has played the Women’s World Cup twice, in the United States in 1999 and Germany in 2011, the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, 3 Gold Cups, 2000, 2002 and 2006, in addition to the Pan-American Games in 2011, where she ranked third. Place.

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In 2017, she began her adventure as an Art Director, where she was assistant Christopher Coyard in U-17 and later took command of the U-17 class.

Now, she will have to take over the reins of the Mexican U-20 women’s national team and she has confirmed that she will seek to help the players continue their dream of playing professional football.

Anna Galindo will be responsible for the output of the SUb-17 class, Which is her second challenge in the Mexican women’s national team after leaving America in 2019.

Galindo has the experience, since he was Leonardo Cuellar’s technical assistant since the start of the America Fiminil Project.

With eagles Anna defeated the 2018 Apertura title and in 2019 she left El Nido to bring back DT from ‘Tri’ Femenil Sub-15, Which formed him practically from scratch to win the Dallas Cup in April of the same year.

Thus, with experience both inside and outside the courts, Monica Vergara, Maribel Dominguez and Anna Galindo are the new coaches of the Mexican women’s national team, Which made history by having 3 women on the bench in its various classes.

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