The great legacy that Adrián Campos leaves us

The great legacy that Adrián Campos leaves us

two o’clock. “Manu, we have left Adrián …”. Shocked by the painful news, the message was directed to Manolo Gómez Blanco, today an automobile journalist for El País. At the end of the 1980s he was one of the fictional architects who arrived in Minardi 1 from Adrián Campos first, and later Luis Pérez Sala. Crazy adventure In a country where Formula 1 flies as a kind of UFO. “Now man, I am in“ shock, ”the answer came from the other side, both journalists rely on shared sadness.“ I was looking at pictures now … ”He sends you one with the three, in a box in any arena, wearing Adrián and Luis reads the team’s clothes and the other looks at one of the posters, then reads the letter from Giancarlo Minardi himself. “Your death is a blow to our heart. We will never forget your smile and your passion. ”In everything he was right, except that the sudden and unexpected farewell to Adrian Campos was not a blow, but a complete blow to the heart.

Adrian, but would you also get into this mess …? How many times have we asked you this question in the past 20 years. “You already know me, that’s the thing …” He always answered with that constant smile, which I also felt even on the phone. Last year he plans to return to Formula 1 again. Out of quiet passion But firm and without fanfare, a long but steady step, No justice was done in a few lines of Adrian Campos’ enormous legacy In Spanish and international motorsport. If those around you in life draw testimony to your work, the tremendous impact and response to his death seals the extraordinary dimension of his legacy. It is said, in Spain, there was before and after Fernando Alonso. But had it not been for Adrian Campos, nothing would have existed.

Like the sea and salt

Steve Jobs explained in his famous university address: “You cannot connect the dots by looking forward, you can only relate to looking back.” But Adrián Campos has succeeded in uniting his vital points in both directions, Given his experimental experience, let us look forward with passion and ambition, his endless, continuous projects. Since building the Avidesa chassis from Formula SEAT to run in national races, passing through Formula 3, Formula 3000 and One, Campos has learned the vital lessons to create his great legacy by simply stocking up on gloves and helmets. The pilot became an entrepreneur to stay close to that world he felt connected with like the sea and salt, and he knew how to weather the storms of that passion that destroyed so many with the rationality of work that allowed him to walk and survive on the quicksand in the racing world.

“I wanted to give the drivers the means, to worry about the competition, and I’m ahead of the rest,” he told you as a dynamic and professional philosophy when he took off with Campos Racing in the competition minefield. He appeared from the start That kindness and generosity of helping the little ones Which he had to associate with the rationality and intelligence of the team leader. Won the Formula Nissan with Mark Jenny At first. Pick up the phone and call Giancarlo Minardi. “Will you test the winner of the Nissan Open car?” Gené took the witness from Campos y Sala himself when he entered Minardi. Today, Catalan is an important part of Ferrari. It was the role of a specific person Fernando Alonso, Who arrived from the kart to his team. Needless to say more. Then Antonio GarciaThat won everything in the world of resistance and today is the undisputed leader of Chevrolet in the United States. His latest big bets touched El Confidencial.

Next to the AVE station

“Javier, I have a mix between Fernando Alonso and Antonio Garcia, his name is Alex Palo. I have to find money to help him.” “Why don’t we talk to Alberto Artero?” Managing Director of El Confidencial, oblivious to this world, Artero was unexpectedly open to chatting with Adrián. Campos took AVE and planted himself in Madrid for a few hours. A man of numbers, rationality and quick wit, Artero was at that time near Atocha station mesmerized by Adrián Campos’ quiet passion towards a young, resourceless pilot who had passed, completely turned one of the Valencia circuit on his first lap with a Formula 3.

Within her capabilities, El Confidencial has supported Alex Palou in media projection. Campos invested what he could and more in the career of Catalonia. After his adventures in Europe, Japan and the United States, several dates prior to Palu were signed by the best team in the United States, Janase, after dazzling in the past 500 miles from Indianapolis. Adrián is gone, he wouldn’t see him win Indycar, however He left knowing Alex was in good shape. Palo tweeted from the United States: “I wouldn’t be where I am without you, Adrian.”

What owes Agag to Adrian

In fact, Campos ran into all the “problems”. Formula 1, GP3, GP2, Formula 3, Formula 2, World Touring Car … Lio a Alexander Agag To enter the world of racing, Agag also admitted himself on Instagram when he announced the death of his former partner. In another Steve Jobs point, Formula E probably wouldn’t exist if Agag wasn’t trapped in Formula 1 and the people he met through his Campos experience. Of course, it couldn’t be less, Adrián has also participated in Campos Racing in Formula E. Via the Mahindra Factory Team. Nobody wants Nelsinho Pique In those times. But Campos signed him. He won the title the same year for him.

In what “problems” did Adrian Campos not run in the races? We’ll leave it here because it’s hard to describe 30 years of experiences with him. The overwhelming amount of certificates from all areas of international motorsport comfort unanimously: He was cute, warm, great host, generous of youth, and a lover of racing It was with this quiet passion that he also succeeded as a businessman. We, all the mechanics, engineers, pilots and journalists, are also another point in her chain. If it weren’t for Adrian Campos, we wouldn’t be here.

Ire, Alejandro, Lucas … you can and should be proud of your father. His legacy is unique and enormous. he got it. But we will miss him badly. In my case, one of your last messages remains like gold on a piece of cloth and forever. Rest in peace, my dear friend. As Manu says, you are with Ayrton, whom you like so much. Give her my best regards.

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