Yeri Mina talks about her relationship with James Rodriguez – international football – sport


Mina is on the rise. The Everton match was outstanding. After the goal he scored on Sunday in the FA Cup, a pass from James, the defender made statements in which he revealed the nature of his relationship with James.

Mina recounted how she met the wheel. In Santa Fe when I was called up for the first time for the big national team, in the United States Centennial Cup, I looked at James from afar and shuddered. I asked for a picture and said, “Hey Panetta,” give me a picture. “He told me of course and then he and Falcao called me to their table and said no because I was Very tense, ”Mina said.

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“It was a nice story, because I had so many uncomfortable moments because I was tense and he called me and couldn’t come close to him, I was sad to be with him. I asked him, ‘How is that happening in Europe, how is it like’ to play with great players?” Said, “Panetta” quiet You’ll be there very soon, you just have to have fun.

Now that he’s a teammate at Everton, he continues to admire the wheel.

“James is a great player, a great person. He is an inspiration to many young people in Colombia, he is a leader, he is a winner and since then I have always watched him train, how he ran, how he controlled the ball, how he made his moves. I always followed him. I supported him and continued In support because it is a rift. “

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And finally, when it came to playing with him, he said, “He’s by my side now is amazing. Thank God so much that he came to Everton, he is a great footballer, he is a winner, he always wants to work. He is ready for great things. Everyone on the team has fun every time. Once he gets the ball, does different things and leaves us side by side when he makes a pass, it’s a crack. “


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