“La Llorona” won the “LEJA Awards” in the United States

“La Llorona” won the “LEJA Awards” in the United States

The Guatemalan film “La Llorona”, directed by Giro Bustamante, received new international recognition at the LEJA Awards in the United States in the Best International Film category.


In context: La Llorona hopes to win the “Critics Choice Awards”


In the waiting roomThe critics Option PrizesThe Guatemalan feature film won an award from association Latina From Journalists From Entertainment (LEJA, For its English abbreviation).

According to the joint press release Production houseThe film received six category nominations:

  1. The best direction
  2. Better sound
  3. Best photography
  4. Best International Film
  5. Best Original Screenplay
  6. the best movie

At the awards ceremony, the Guatemalan film won the Best International Film award.

The film also won the Best International Film Award inHollywood Critics Association Awards(Hollywood Critics Association Awards).

Other awards

“La Llorona” was nominated for Best American Ibero Film at the Goya Awards, which was delivered on March 6th. It is the first time that a Guatemalan film has been nominated at this festival that recognizes Spanish cinema.

It received a Golden Globe Award nomination, in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Although it did not win, it was the only Latin American film to be nominated.

Background: Giro Bustamante: “They didn’t want us to record La Llorona”

“La Llorona” has been honored by many professional magazines and critics as one of the best films released during the year 2020. In addition to the Sunday Gala at the “Critics’ Choice Awards,” the next important date on the calendar is March 15, which is the day that will be known if The Guatemalan film earned a historic Oscar nomination.

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