La Nación / They hold a trade conference with more than 70 products

La Nación / They hold a trade conference with more than 70 products

The Chamber of Wholesale and Retail Traders of Paraguay (Cumambar) and the Government of the Central Administration organized a major trade conference for entrepreneurs and producers from 19 municipalities. They pointed out that this event was held with the aim of improving the economic situation in the region and benefited more than 70 people.

Agricultural producers, businessmen and artisans from 19 municipalities of the Central Administration participated in a large business conference organized by Comampar and the government, in order to improve the economic situation of the sector. Cristina Leguizamon, Director of Impulso Economico, stated in connection with Campo Agropecuario that the initiative was born after she made a tour at the central level to be able to check on the conditions of the workers.

“We find in extreme cases 19 municipalities that make up the central department, purely artisanal and agricultural. We talked with different sectors and saw them being beaten, meaning that the real profit for their sacrifices does not reach them,” the official said. He explained that they noticed a big difference in prices between their sales and those made in supermarkets, so they decided to hold this business roundtable.

He explained that the producers are mired in this situation on suspicion of their work with the public sector, because they have often been subjected to persecution by them, making the private sector their only option. He said there was also a drop in sales and in order to respond to this situation, they organized this meeting.

On his part, Ignacio Cano, Partner of Comampar, commented that they are diligent buyers of horticultural products and have already been able to arrange meetings with several producers so that they can get closer to their trading premises. He added that they are talking about prices and quality of products, which are key factors for ending the business.

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