Lafarga goes with destination to Uganda – local news, police, about Mexico and the world | Shams Coautla

Lafarga goes with destination to Uganda – local news, police, about Mexico and the world |  Shams Coautla

The play “Destino: Uganda” will be shown on Sunday directed by Eduardo Mateus and starring Iran Castillo and Claudio Lafarga, which has been hypothetically adapted in collaboration with the Shakespeare Forum to Delight the Audience.

In an interview, Claudio Lafarga tells us about this new experience adapting to the new normal.

Iran sent me the work to read it and invited me to participate and broadcast it first and then resume it in the traditional way when possible; I reviewed it and liked it really much, he said.

The play tells the story of Lucia and Andres, a married couple facing the most important decision in their lives, to end their relationship for a reason greater than lack of love. To prove that what they have goes beyond physical dependence, this young couple will show us that for love, it is also necessary to let go.

On a moving day, Lucia and Andres were at that point to talk about everything they avoided, and throughout the play we learn about Andres’ motives for separating from her. Those who have had a dating history of several years will definitely know what that means and how it is sometimes best to choose a break up before harming the other person.

The actor expresses that the creation process and rehearsals were very fun, and although he had a lot of uncertainty at first, it all kicked off in an incredible way, through online workouts and later in face to face.

It was interesting to define the dimensions of this couple’s history, their love, hate and frustrations through a digital platform like zooming, which is a very practical tool for seeing people in real time, it is not something very strange, we usually use it and it was a really fun process.

Likewise, the actor noted that the virtual theater is an opportunity to generate new audiences and reach different parts of the Republic of Mexico and the world.

It is very interesting for me to see how theater continues to transform and does not allow itself to die, we have been doing theater throughout our lives and despite various technological developments, theater is still present and present. Now with the mission to find that life through screens, making use of tools to stay in touch and create connections with the audience. Once the natural theater returns, this default method does not have to end, it should remain as an alternative.

Claudio commented that his first participation in the film was in a movie in which Iran was also represented by Castillo, and although his characters did not have much interaction, a good friendship arose between them.

We were in this movie, and later on the ‘Perseguidos’ project, but last year there was a greater symbiosis in ‘The Sins of Bárbara’ where our characters played a bigger role, but that doesn’t compare to this work we share together. Champions, I’m really excited to work with her, she’s someone who likes her a lot. We hope the audience will love the play.

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