LaLiga Camps will arrive in July 2023 at the ESC LaLiga & NBA Center in Madrid

LaLiga Camps will arrive in July 2023 at the ESC LaLiga & NBA Center in Madrid

Madrid, December 21 (European Press) –

LaLiga officially opened on Wednesday registrations for the summer camps that will take place in July 2023 at the ESC LaLiga & NBA complex in Madrid, inaugurated in September, an initiative under the name LaLiga Camps, which has already been implemented in other regions, as reported by employers in statment.

Participants will live immersed in the “LaLiga ecosystem” surrounded by a “multicultural” football environment, thanks to the “facilities of this innovative center.” LaLiga camps arrive in Spain after the “success” collected in various countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, Kuwait, Peru and up to eight different locations in the United States, from Dallas (Texas) to Las Vegas (Nevada). It was attended by about 900 players of different levels and ages.

“The camps build on LaLiga’s methodology to help players on the path to reaching their full potential, while enjoying an entertaining summer experience at the hands of LaLiga,” the statement explained.

The camps, with day or night options, will last up to three weeks, and seek to bring players of all levels, ages 8 to 17, closer to some of the resources and items common to La Liga clubs’ quarries.

In addition, the edition in Madrid will have coaches who meet the highest requirements of UEFA and have international and national experience, a multicultural environment, as the ESC LaLiga & NBA Center receives boys from more than 20 different countries; and a state-of-the-art center, with accommodation for over 450 people, and an international school equipped with an auditorium, library, and laboratory, as well as two soccer fields, a basketball pavilion, a gym, and a swimming pool.

“One of the keys to the LaLiga methodology is the comprehensive training of the player, and in the case of the LaLiga camps, the pillars of our methodology are preserved, thus focusing on the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and emotional development of all participants, always using football as an ideal vehicle for transmitting values ​​to the youngsters in a fun and educational environment,” Juan Floret, LaLiga Grassroots Head of Sports Projects confirmed.

Finally, LaLiga Grassroots Head of International Business and Development, Javier Hernandez, came forward to include “language workshops and the possibility of living the experience in English.” “The LaLiga coaches have international experience and international languages, so the combination of academics and sports also works in these short-term experiments,” he concluded.

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