LaLiga Santander: Real Madrid, Barcelona and LaLiga, benchmarks for the Spanish brand in the US

LaLiga Santander: Real Madrid, Barcelona and LaLiga, benchmarks for the Spanish brand in the US

And theFootball is the main criterion for the Spanish brand in the United States. More specifically, Real MadridAnd the Barcelona s leaguewhich was significantly reinforced from a study she conducted LLYC Famous Brands Forum Powered by ICEX.

The study brings together the findings of an in-depth analysis that focused on conversation on Twitter, digital media, forums, and blogs about Americans’ perception of Spain and its major companies. More than 83 million publications were analyzed in Spanish and English from the United States, between August 2017 and August 2022.

According to this study, the sports sector is the most energizing sector for social conversations about businesses and also the most valuable, with a particular interest in football. It is 50% higher than the next segment, the so-called “other brands”. The three most talked about Spanish companies in the United States have to do with soccer: Real Madrid is in the lead, followed by Barcelona and La Liga. In addition, the Atletico Madrid Fifth. Between Madrid, Barra and La Liga More than 11 million males (7.3 Madrid, 2.8 Parra, 1.8 LaLiga).

Real Madrid is also the brand most associated with Spain in the United States. In this case, LaLiga is in second place and Barcelona in third. In this ranking, Atlético appears in eighth place, behind Telefónica, Santander, BBVA and Iberdrola.

Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and John Rahm

In the individual section, what the study includes as “ambassadors”, sports stand out again. In conversation stands out Rafael Nadal And his participation in the 2022 Australian Open, which he ended up winning. His pro-coronavirus vaccination stance has also been heavily commented on. Pau Gasol When he left the Lakers and retired from basketball and golf John Ram They are the two most famous “ambassadors”.

In the “International Relations” section, LaLiga again features as Spain’s main ambassador to the United States, mainly mentioned in connection with the Clasicos between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

As for the sports topics most commented on, Real Madrid’s victories in the Champions League stand out. The year 2022 took first place, followed by the year 2018, which also coincided days later with a march Zidane From the club Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona in Spanish Super Cup In 2017, the champions W.J crisis Real Madrid in March 2019, the controversy surrounding the establishment Premier League In April 2021 and departure Messi In August 2021, another hotly discussed topic in the United States.

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