“I refereed in Spain and Korea, one of the best in my career”

“I refereed in Spain and Korea, one of the best in my career”

when the term is used ‘Looting’ In football, almost always in an exaggerated and self-interested way, it is inevitable that someone will remember 2002. So, Spain fell in the World Cup to South Korea, Before everything Notorious arbitration.

The action of the bouncers was criminal for “La Roja”, something the chief referee of that match would hide behind. Egyptian Jamal Al-Ghandour I spoke to “BN Deportes” and He inflated his chest to perform Individuals in that quarter-final.

“Actually, that was it One of the best matches I mentored her as a referee my entire career. Of course there were mistakes, but it was one of assistant referees He excused himself without me doing it.

“If the Trinidad and Tobago assistant referee has not raised the flag before Morientes goal, I wouldn’t blow the whistle. I attended the Movistar series in Spain, many years after the attacks. There they assured me that the mistakes were made by assistants from Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago, not mineHe added in his explanation.

He complained about the arbitration of France and Morocco

Speaking with the aforementioned outlet, Al-Ghandour also wanted to talk about the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco. For the Egyptian, the end result should have been very different, because he believes there is Two unjustified penalties for Africans.

In addition to what many asked for due to lack of it Theo Hernandez to Beaufal In the region, the former referee claimed second penalty: “There is a fall thank God In a stopped ball she also had to review the video assistant referee.”

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