“The Spain-Korea match was one of the best referees in my life.”

“The Spain-Korea match was one of the best referees in my life.”

Jamal Al-Ghandour He is remembered as the referee who was part of the elimination Spain From World Cup in Korea 2002. The Egyptian referee, with his killer performance in the quarter-final match specifically against South Koreanullify an incomprehensible target Fernando Morientes Not according to Joaquín’s passing, but according to him, “he was one of the best referees of his career.” And it is that this play is already part of the history of the World Cup as one of the greatest injustices that we remember, but seeing what was witnessed, the former referee does not ask for forgiveness but rather reaffirms his great performance.

“In fact, that was one of the best matches I played as a referee during my football career. Of course there were mistakes, but they were made by assistant referees and I had nothing to do with them,” said the 65-year-old Egyptian, who has long retired from refereeing. “The mistakes were caused by offside. And the balls are outside the line.”It is difficult for the referee not to pay attention to his assistants,” he added.

On the other hand, Al-Masry also talked about two possible penalties that were not whistled during the match Morocco and France. In his words, entrance Buffale on me Theo Hernandez Which ended with a yellow card for the Moroccan, a penalty kick should have been awarded. Later, there was a second controversial play that no one on TV appreciated, but he did: “There is a fall, thank God, on a set piece that should have been checked by video technology,” he commented.

The Ghandour He is currently collaborating as a commentator on Qatar World Cup for BN SportsAnd the television in his country responsible for broadcasting the matches of this event said: “If the assistant referee of Trinidad and Tobago had not raised the flag before Morientes’ goal, I would not have blown my whistle. I was already with Movistar, a Spanish chain, in 2018 after many years of attacks. There they assured me that the mistakes It was committed by aides from Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago and is not mine,” Hasm Al-Masri.

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