Lewis Hamilton surprises three young drivers

Lewis Hamilton surprises three young drivers

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All Formula 1 drivers have a past, and in most cases it goes back to karting, a system that has turned neighborhood kids into great motorsport legends. Some of the clearest examples are found in Ayrton Sennaor more recently in Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, the young idols who dream of making it to the great circus.

For this reason, the seven-time world champion in the top class decided to invite three “talented drivers” to the last British Grand Prix, as he demonstrated in a video posted on his social networks. Through the recording, he tells the boys how they were growing on four wheels, but also how surprised they were when they revealed, surprisingly, that Lewis Hamilton himself had given them the experience of living a weekend on the legendary F1 track.

“This year I invited these three talented drivers to Silverstone,” the Englishman wrote on his personal Twitter account. “It is very important to help move forward, support young talent and work to ensure that the future of motorsports is more diverse than the present.”

“Joshua, Miles and Cordell, thank you, I am so proud of you,” the Mercedes man said before adding a video of just over two minutes long recounting their karting career.

The boys are all between the ages of 11 and 12, so a promising career in motorsports still awaits them, and even more so when Lewis Hamilton He played the godfather at one point in his career, and they dreamed of being a Formula 1 driver, the little boy admits. Cordell.

His passion for four wheels began when he was younger, when he watched the Grand Circus races on TV, and his motivation was that he is now competing with a helmet design similar to that of his idol in Silver Arrows.

Learn the hard road from karting to Formula 1:

The seven-time champion decided to support the path of these young people to achieve greater diversity in the sport, which was characterized by the presence of drivers from wealthy families, in addition to opening doors to those of origin who do not have much tradition in the automotive world, as in the case of the young man Joshua BujumbeIt bears the flag of Ethiopia and Uganda as well as the United Kingdom on its helmet.

This man also has a Hamilton-style phrase on the back of the helmet, “always forward”, very similar to British style and “with it we rise”.

The moment they revealed they were going to watch Formula 1 and meet Lewis Hamilton, they couldn’t stand the feelings, as well as amazed that they never thought their idol could learn about their history and support their sporting career. in go-karts.

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