Live, USA and Spain, U-17 World Cup Final

Live, USA and Spain, U-17 World Cup Final

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Spain will play its third final in training in a week. second globally. This time the champions were the 17 players who managed to defeat France in the semi-finals (66-59) after completing an amazing comeback. The winning character for the entire group was key in a game that featured Ayanna Martin (20 points, 7 assists) and Awa Pham (12 points, 9 rebounds). The Grand Final will take place tomorrow at 8:00 PM.

With a very difficult entry onto the field from France, Spain conceded a quick 0-9 goal forcing them to turn the tide ever since. The first basket came from Judit Valero with an outside shot that helped the national team advance (8-13) but with another good run of 0-7, the opponent put the ground in the middle again (8-20). The Carla Vegas trio ended the first period (11-20).

After three seconds without annotation and the accumulation of errors from both teams, France again distanced themselves with a 0-4 lead that brought the national team back with points from Ayana and Owa (15-24). At that time, Blau Tour and Ayana tied two triples which brought Spain back to the match once and for all (21-26). With a 2-3 area and a much larger vertical facing the edge, Spain managed to stay within this five-point disadvantage (26-31). France closed with one last basket before the end of the first half (26-33).

It costs the beginning of the period again. A 3-9 widened the distance between the two (26-37) but once again, Spain clung to its winning gene to start a comeback. Points from Vegas and Awa Pham paved the way (33-43) and between Iana, Blau Tour and Calvo, the national team managed to finish the match in the third round at 43-48.

France threatened to continue exercising its dominance with three at the beginning of the fourth half (43-51), although the defensive intensity and the better start in the counterattack allowed Spain to draw (51-51). In the 36th minute of the match and thanks to two free throws from Ayana, the team advanced for the first time in the whole match. Pham and Valero accompanied him from the ocean (58-53) and despite the fact that the opponent will try again (58-56), the national team will not give his arm to a sprain.

A hat-trick from Vegas ended up breaking the scales in favor of the Whites (61-59) and with great defenses in France’s last possessions, Spain capped a stunning comeback that was worth nothing more and nothing less than contention in the French Cup final. Hungary world. The 17 Under 17 adds another achievement to an unforgettable week for Spanish coaching basketball as three finals have been ranked.

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