Locate a missing African athlete, who wants to work in Japan. “My life in Uganda is difficult”


A Ugandan weightlifter has been found, police said Tuesday, four days after he disappeared from his training camp in Japan, leaving a message saying he wanted to find a job.

“The man was present today in Mai province without injuries or involvement in any crime,” a police officer from Mi told AFP. Osaka.

He was holding his identity document and introduced himself. “It was not clear who would take care of him, the team or the embassy,” he added.

The alarm went off on Friday after that Julius Siketoliko You will not appear for a COVID-19 test and you will not be found at your hotel.

The 20-year-old recently discovered that he would not be able to compete in Tokyo OlympicsWhich opens on Friday due to a problem in the Olympic quota.

In his room, he left a message asking them to send his things to his family in Uganda, according to agents in Izumisano, in Prefecture. OsakaWhere the team was concentrated before the games.

In this regard, international media added that the athlete Julius Seketoliko had reported his desire to work in Japan. “My life in Uganda is difficult.”

On Tuesday, police said, the athlete traveled to Nagoya, central Japan, and then near Gifu Prefecture, before moving to Mie Prefecture.

“He was found in the house of some people with whom he had a relationship. did not resist. He is cooperating and we are still questioning him about his motives,” the officer added.

The Ugandan Foreign Minister said that the Ugandan authorities had been informed of his arrest, Henry Okello, a la AFP.

“We are working with the Japanese government to understand the circumstances of the weightlifter’s disappearance and how he was credited,” Okello explained.

The Ugandan government has already apologized to Japan. “It is unacceptable behavior and betrayal,” he added.

Ugandan sports officials told AFP on Saturday that the young athlete recently won the bronze medal at the African Weightlifting Championships and has a lot of experience despite his young age.

In Japan, strict restrictions were planned for all participants in the Games, coinciding with the worsening health crisis in the country.

Athletes must pass daily tests and their movements are highly restricted, limited to transportation between their accommodation, training centers and competition.


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