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new It caused quite a stir among users and other social networks. The That we will then show you to challenge not only our visual skills, but also our common sense. The instructions are simple, so don’t lose focus.

Next we will show you the illustration of Visual puzzle today. In the photo you can see different animals: tiger, elephant, wolf, cow, lion, zebra, fox, giraffe, among others. All you have to do is answer which of them does not belong to the group.

To raise the difficulty level of the logic puzzle, we will give you only 15 seconds to try to find the solution. Try to separate the animals by their diet, habitat, and other characteristics. If you still can’t find the one that doesn’t belong, check out the pictures below.

full picture

Look carefully at the picture and answer: which animal does not belong to this group? Photo: Debor

Solve the viral challenge

The 15 seconds are over, and if you’ve reached this point it’s because you’ve probably failed this logic puzzle. The animal that does not belong to this group is the cow because it is the only one from the farm. While the others are wild animals.

The answer to this logical puzzle is: the cow.  Well, it's the only farm animal in this group.  |  Photo: Debor
The answer to this logical puzzle is: the cow. Well, it’s the only farm animal in this group. | Photo: Debor

What is a logical puzzle?

The , known in social networks as viral challenges, are hobbies or games that consist in finding a solution to certain puzzles thanks to our visual and cognitive skills.

To be able to solve the most common riddles, it is also necessary to use our imagination and the ability to deduce. The decision must be presented with a simple statement of statement.

It is broken down into paradoxical puzzles, with cheats or puns, and relative logic. Nowadays, logic puzzles popping up on social media are known as viral challenges.

A lot of these challenges depend on finding a target hidden in the illustration provided, and in most cases you have a certain amount of time to find the solution.

The origin of viral challenges

Viral challenges likely date back to the late 1800s, when popular balm brand Dr. Seth Arnolds advertised its products with eye-catching illustrations containing logic puzzles.

More than a century later, these images have been redesigned and are now circulating online. From there he began publishing various logic puzzles that challenge the human eye and some of people’s cognitive abilities.

With the advent of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, these challenges have spread viral among millions of users and thus it has become one of the most enjoyable hobbies today.

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