Lost his balance: Influencer dies trying to take a selfie on a cliff


a Effect Asian named Sophia Cheung Died after falling off a cliff, who went to him with his friends to think about it and get Photograph.

The young woman is starting to become more visible on Instagram, a platform on which she has started gathering fans for her risky photos.

It was customary for a woman to visit scenic landscapes and mountains to take a picture from the heights, as she seemed to be climbing without additional protection.

Unfortunately life Influencer Sophia Cheung He was interrupted only a few days before, as he died when he fell into the void when he was in Ha Pak Lai Park.

The young woman was with three of her friends in a section known as Pineapple Mountain, where there is a famous five-meter-high waterfall.

According to the reports of the case, when she reached the heights the girl wanted to pose for a photo Photograph; However, he lost his balance and fell from top to the ground.

Influencer Sophia Cheung’s followers sent their condolences on Instagram

last picture Influencer Sophia Cheung Shared on Instagram on Friday 9th July; In it, the young woman appears on the beach, next to a surfboard.

Better days are yet to come. They are called: Saturday and Sunday.” In her last message, the woman expressed a little more than 13,000 followers.

Netizens who knew and admired her did not hesitate to send messages of condolence, expressing their regret that Influencer Sophia Cheung He died very young.

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