Maduro begins his visit to China in the giant tech city of Shenzhen

Maduro begins his visit to China in the giant tech city of Shenzhen

president of venezuela, Nicolas MaduroHe began his six-day official visit to China In the city of the south ShenzhenHe attended a nightly light and drone show at the complex talent park, The president reported on his account on the social media network X – formerly Twitter, which is censored in the Asian country.

“Grateful for the friendly welcome Shenzhen talent gardenThey gave us a light and drone show showing the great technological and innovative progress they have achieved. “I am sure that relations between China and Venezuela will continue on the path of growth and prosperity,” Maduro wrote.

The Venezuelan governor who did not visit China Since 2018, he has been accompanied by a large entourage that includes his wife, Celia Flores.

city ShenzhenWith a population of 17 million, China is one of China’s major technological and industrial centers, and home to giants Huawei and Tencent, as well as many multinational companies operating in the Asian giant.
Before the start of the visit, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its readiness to strengthen its strategic relations with… Venezuela.

China And Venezuela “They are each other’s essential strategic partners,” the State Department’s chief spokesman said. ChinaHua Chunying added that relations between Caracas and Beijing “have withstood the test of the vicissitudes of the international situation, and have always remained solid as a rock.”

Maduro’s arrival was preceded by the arrival of the Executive Vice President of the Latin American country. Delcy Rodriguezwho met on Thursday with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to review bilateral issues and strengthen economic and trade agreements between the two countries.

The Venezuelan president’s agenda has not yet been revealed nation Asianly, although according to Chinese state media, the Venezuelan-China high-level committee will resume these days, which last convened in 2018 and has remained suspended since then due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the main bilateral cooperation mechanism between the two countries, with special emphasis In economic and trade relations, it was held on 16 occasions in which the agreements signed exceeded five thousand in areas such as energy, mining, agriculture, science, technology, and others.

Relations between Venezuela and China, which strengthened during the era of the late president Hugo Chavez (1999-2013), strengthened in recent years under the Maduro government in the context of the South American country’s increasing international isolation.

With information from EFE

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