Malvinas 40 – Air Argentinas successfully attacked HMS Conventry, HMS Broadsword and SS Atlantic Conveyor

Malvinas 40 – Air Argentinas successfully attacked HMS Conventry, HMS Broadsword and SS Atlantic Conveyor

May 25, 1982. Long days for both sides. On this memorable date for Argentina as the new anniversary of the formation of the first national government is celebrated, it should be noted that the Argentine armed forces have not given up their actions despite the fact that the number of systems in service is declining. British losses cannot be set aside, either. The four M-5 daggers and two A-4 Skyhawks missing in earlier days are but a sample of the constant and consistent pressure by Argentine Air Force and Naval Airmen pilots of the Argentine Navy. On the other hand, the western movement of British forces, including the two aircraft carriers (HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible), was detected 235 kilometers from the landing area in San Carlos Bay.

Front: Malvinas Island

San Carlos Bay

In the early hours of the morning, an A-4B Skyhawk C-244 was commanded by the Captain. Hugo del Valle Blaver took off from Rio Gallegos. He was hit by friendly fire while flying over Pradera del Ganso with Lieutenant Daniel Galvez, but from the ground the soldiers fired their light weapons at the planes. Returning towards the San Carlos Strait, the Palaver was shot down by a Sea Dart launched from HMS Coventry.

Hours later, Captain Jorge Garcia, Lieutenant Lucero, Lieutenant Parede, and Lieutenant Isaac attacked unidentified ships. After the attack, Lucero was shot down by a Sea Cat missile launched from HMS Yarmouth, managed to be ejected, captured and transferred to the Ugandan SS hospital ship. Another Sea Dart missile, launched from HMS Coventry, drops Garcia north of San Carlos. Later, an A-4C Skyhawk, registered C-304, from Fighter Group 4 deployed in San Julián north of Pebble Island was shot down by another Sea Dart while returning from a mission in San Carlos Bay.

Argentinian port attack

Around noon, two separate Harrier GR.3 and Sea Harrier formations carried out a new attack on the runway of Puerto Argentino Airport. Bombs dropped from high altitudes do not cause much damage. As a result of these bombers, the Argentine anti-aircraft artillery reported shooting down three enemy combat bombers.

Attack on HMS Coventry

This morning, the English fleet received an order to station itself in the San Carlos Strait. Two air defense ships, the destroyer C-42 HMS Coventry and the 22nd Broadswrord frigate were stationed near the mainland with Sea Dart and Sea Wolf missiles respectively. The main function is to give early warning of the approaching Argentine presence, and in turn direct the sea emigrant to intercept.

Before dawn, four Skyhawks belonging to the FAA’s Fighter Group 5, based in Rio Gallegos, departed. They are refueled by a KC-130 Hercules while another on an expedition mission locates a target by radar.

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