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The Manhattan attorney general’s office is set to file charges against the Trump Organization, the former president’s department store, on Thursday. Donald TrumpAfter completing a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud and tax violations. According to sources familiar with the investigation, no charges will be brought against the Republican, but the company and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, will be tasked with receiving benefits and perks such as apartments, luxury cars and private school fees without declaring the payments in sorts on your tax returns.

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The accusations against the Trump store have been a secret in town for weeks, then The prosecution summoned a grand jury to decide whether or not to appear. Rumors of an impending indictment have multiplied in recent days. by series CNN and notes New York timesLawyers for the Trump store and Weisselberg himself, a loyal servant of the businessman for decades, will appear in court on Thursday.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who will retire this year, has been hard at work on his latest big case, paralleling New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigations. The two ongoing investigations into alleged tax fraud met in May, when Vance’s office opened a criminal office to determine whether the former president could have undervalued some of his property holdings to partially avoid paying taxes. Both cases have been investigating Trump’s actions for possible tax and banking crimes for more than a year, but the confirmation of cooperation between the two has increased pressure on the Republican. Both James and Vance are Democrats. Outside the White House, last February, Trump called the Manhattan attorney general a “fascist” and “politically motivated” case. “The largest witch hunt in United States history.”

The investigations of the Manhattan Public Prosecution Office began after the statement by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney. In a congressional hearing, on February 27, 2019, the former collaborator asserted that the then-president had inflated the value of many of his properties in his statements to banks that lent him money, with the intent of getting better loans and insurance, while understating their value in his tax returns with the intent of paying lower taxes. The district attorney’s office has targeted two of the Trump family’s most famous properties: the Trump International Tower and Hotel in Chicago and the Trump Building in New York. Both cases also analyzed farm records in Westchester County, New York.

The Trump Organization headquarters, on Fifth Avenue in New York, this Wednesday.Spencer Platt/AFP

The case of Vance v. Trump Organization received a boost when, in February, he managed to persuade the Supreme Court to give the green light to his request to examine eight years of tax returns and thousands of documents, in order to determine whether the former president and his family committed tax fraud and deceived banks and insurance companies.

Weisselberg’s lawyers declined to comment on the case on Wednesday, as did the Manhattan attorney general’s office. Trump’s lawyer, Ronald Fichte, told Reuters on Monday that he expects the charges to be limited to alleged tax violations.

In a statement on Monday, Trump accused prosecutors of bias and claimed that the consortium’s activities “did not commit any crime.” His lawyer also argued that Vance’s case was unfounded, since in the last century the prosecutor’s office had not investigated a company for additional benefits.

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