Manifest could become the most watched series in Netflix history, and it’s not even from Netflix


Back in 2018, the series premiered in the United States Shows in the series NBC. His first chapters made him complete success It reached other countries through open channels and broadcast platforms (in Spain it can be seen on HBO).

And so he came to complete three seasons, but he saw how for a few days netflix united states (Where it is available like many other US channel chains) has become overnight in The most watched series on the platform.

According to what was reported by the magazine ForbesAnd the Shows You’ve hit a historic milestone on Netflix: It’s been #1 for 23 consecutive days Among the top ten most popular in the country, something that only two other series have made out of Netflix: Jenny and Georgia LLC tiger kingAnd the Be the first to hold this position for 29 consecutive days.

to continue like this, can easily become sIt was the most watched on Netflix United States in its history. And that’s according to the scoring system created by Forbes’s Travis Bean, according to time and stature in the top ten, Shows He is currently at number 22 most viewed with 248 points.

Only 6 days away from arrival Jenny and Georgia, I can climb up the steps very quickly and It outperforms all Netflix original series. We may never know how many subscribers have actually watched the series (this is only for original titles) but about a month is the most popular? This tells us enough.

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