Maradona tattoo to play in the United States


He is 30 years old and in the prime of his career, but decided to emigrate to a minor league. It is not the first case that this has happened, But Lorenzo Insigne’s departure to the MLS is still surprisings.

The news was known in the past hours and suggests that The current player and captain of Napoli emigrated to MLS, Competition from a much lower hierarchy but with economic strength.

When the current season (2021/2022) ends, the striker will head to Toronto, a Canadian franchise participating in the United States As with other teams in team sports.

The contract will run until July 2027 and Insigne will arrive as “free”. That by saying: There would be no cost to his token to be transferred, and Toronto only had to negotiate the terms of the bond with the footballer.

on time, Zlatan Ibrahimovic stunned the football world when he left Manchester United to play several seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy. He was the last great sports star to accept a proposal from those latitudes. The Swede has returned to Milan at the age of 37

Economic strength is the deciding factor, because internal competition is not from the elite in North America. The incorporation of world-class football players began many years ago, but the Major League Soccer has always struggled to gain a level that is interesting among international football fans. Even Pele came from there, when he was part of the universe in the ’70s.

In the same sense, these cases do not cease to be a wake-up call European federations that have seen their coffers deplete in recent years and are supported by funds from the sheikhs of the Middle East and the Chinese capital. Petrodollars are not available to everyone, and in the midst of the global economic crisis due to the pandemic, Naples has decided to cut its budget. The captains decided to offer Insigne a lower salary than he was receiving and negotiations ended with the club’s trainee changing his colors for the first time.

Lorenzo Insigne is not just another footballer. It is about the “10” of the Italian team, the last European champion. In addition to his quality as a player, In Argentina, special sympathy is born with a tattoo of Diego Maradona on one of his legs.

Starting in the middle of the year, this symbol immortalized on his skin will appear in the league where football is called “soccer”. Clear, Proposing $11 million for the season with the potential to increase $4.5 million for sporting achievements is more than just an exciting proposition.

Insigne tattooed Maradona when he was playing in Napoli.

Argentines who chose the same path

In the past few decades, MLS has had many outstanding Argentine players who, in general, will retire or make an economic difference. One of them was Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who spent several years in Columbus Crew, where he became an idol.

Closer in time, promises like Ezequiel Barco of Independiente or Argentine football facts like Gonzalo “Pity” Martinez They have also chosen that destination and have never had the career-threatening importance to give them in the football spectrum.

There are also others who have gone and settled, like the previous Lanús case. Diego Valeri or Sebastian Blanco, who share a campus in Portland Timbers.

coaches like Gabriel Heinze or Gerardo Martino, Highly respected in our country, they did not succeed in the United States.

Argentina is a constant producer of players and coaches. Exported to the whole world and MLS is no exception, But few who made a career to justify the resignation of sporting success by prioritizing the economic part.

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