Marcela Reyes gave her five tips for success

Marcela Reyes gave her five tips for success
Marcela Reyes, Colombian DJ. Photo: Instagram @marcelaryes

Today, with the advent of social networks, it is very common to see among celebrities and content creators all kinds of motivational posts, videos and texts being shared with the aim of promoting their communities on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. This method, to move forward, not to give up in the search for dreams, etc.

For example, recently Marcela Reyes She wanted to share five of her tips for success, so from her Instagram Stories, the DJ started by recommending:Ignore what people think of you. If you do it well they will criticize her, and if you do it poorly, they will criticize her even worse. So deaf ears, blind eyes as you come forward looking for those dreams.

Reaching a goal or a dream is not easy, and there will certainly be more than one stone on the road, for example, people who are trying to destroy this hope of achieving something, either because they do not trust the person or even do not see. As someone who has a knack for what she wants to do a lot, but in a situation like this, Colombian DJs highlight the importance of not throwing in the towel.

Don’t give up on that dream or goal that you have maybe because someone told you that you are useless, you don’t have talent, you don’t have the intelligence to implement it. Don’t give up and ignore and keep knocking on doors I promise that at some point, even when you think it’s all over, there is a door that will open.

Marcela Reyes and her tips for success

In her third tip, the businesswoman also emphasized that the person should believe the movie in the first place.

“Believe the movie, if you’re a singer, believe yourself the best singer, if you’re a DJ, believe yourself the best DJ, so in every profession you have, you have to believe the movie so they can believe it,” he made the point.

accordingly, Nor did he leave discipline “because lying in bed we will not achieve anything”; In addition to surrounding yourself with a circle of productive people, who also fight for what is theirs and spread that spirit.

“Surround yourself with people who want to move forward, who want to achieve their dreams, who have priorities, Because I believe very much in what they say is the result of the five people next to him and I verified it”.

In addition to Colombia, her performance as a DJ is also known in the world, in fact, Marcela Reyes takes her show to other Latin American countries such as Chile. However, it has also been seen in the United States and Europe. At the beginning of July, Al-Bayza announced the tour that it would take through these lands. It should not be overlooked that Reyes, musically speaking, bears the nickname “Queen of Guaracha”.

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