Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160: Release Date, Spoiler, & Raw Scan


Mashle: Magic and Muscles, an enchanting tale of magic, physical prowess, and the tenacity of the human spirit, has found its place in the hearts of anime lovers worldwide. The series is the brainchild of Hajime Komoto, who weaves an intricate narrative around Mash Burnedead, a magic-less boy with Herculean strength in a world where magic skills dictate one’s social status. As we anxiously await Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160, let’s revisit the journey so far and explore what the upcoming chapter may unfold.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 159
  • Release Date: June 19, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Adventure fiction, & Fantasy comedy
  • Where to Read: Viz Media

Popularity of the Show

Ever since its release, Mashle: Magic and Muscles has been escalating the popularity charts. Its unique premise of magic and muscles, mashed with the protagonist’s captivating character arc, has garnered a massive fanbase. The series intelligently combines humor and action, making it a fan-favorite worldwide. It offers a breath of fresh air to the familiar underdog narrative, making Mash’s adventures all the more intriguing.

Release Date of Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160

The much-awaited Chapter 160 is expected to release at midnight JST on June 19, 2023. The anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the next chapter are palpable among the manga community.

Cast of Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160

Mash Burnedead: Mash is the protagonist of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, a physically fit, muscular young man with no magical abilities whatsoever. Despite this, he trains his body intensely to withstand the magical world around him. He is the embodiment of the underdog story, striving to survive in a world that places magical prowess above all else. Mash’s journey is filled with humor and action as he navigates through challenges with his brute strength.

Lance Crown: Lance is Mash’s classmate at Easton Magic Academy. He possesses a unique magic ability called ‘Line Magic,’ allowing him to connect lines between any two points and manipulate objects connected by these lines. Initially cold and distant, Lance becomes an ally of Mash and aids him in various battles.

Finn Ames: Finn is another classmate of Mash’s at the academy, initially shy and bullied due to his weak magic power. His ability to create barriers, though not powerful, proves to be useful in protecting his friends during battles. Over time, Finn gains confidence and becomes a supportive companion to Mash.

Dot Barrett: Dot is a proud and fierce student at Easton Magic Academy who initially opposes Mash but later becomes his friend. He is characterized by his fireball magic and aggressive fighting style. Despite his tough exterior, Dot is a loyal friend who deeply cares about his companions.

Lemon Irvine: The only female in the group, Lemon is a compassionate and caring individual who is also a student at the academy. She is skilled in healing magic, often playing a vital role in the group’s survival in various battles. Lemon admires Mash’s determination and courage and supports him wholeheartedly in his endeavors.

Innocent Zero: Innocent Zero is a high-ranking divine visionary and the main antagonist of the series. He has an immense amount of magic power and can control time. He seeks to use his powers to shape the world to his liking, often clashing with Mash and his friends.

Abel: Abel is another high-ranking divine visionary known for his calculative and manipulative nature. He is one of the primary antagonists in the series and possesses a unique ability to use ‘shadow magic,’ enabling him to move within shadows and create shadow monsters.

These characters, with their distinct personalities and magical abilities, contribute to the dynamic storyline of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, making it a captivating read.

Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160 Spoiler


A little disappointed (Spoilers for the manga)
by u/DownLate in MASHLE

Given the thrilling end of Chapter 159, Chapter 160 promises a highly anticipated sequel. Although the specific plot details remain veiled, readers can anticipate an explosive continuation of Mash’s adventure, witnessing his journey in a world dominated by magic. The juxtaposition of Mash’s physical strength against magical prowess is set to take new turns and twists, maintaining the suspense and excitement the series is known for.

Latest Updates of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 160

The latest information points towards an engaging new chapter that explores the consequences of the recent battle. The chapter will be accessible to readers on June 19, 2023, on official platforms.


Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 159 Recap 

In Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 159, a torrent of action and revelations come to the fore. This particular chapter is a testament to the fierce battles and gripping storylines that the manga is known for.

Chapter 159, titled Mash Burnedead and the Magic of Time, opens with a breathtaking confrontation between the protagonist, Mash Burnedead, and the primary antagonist, Innocent Zero. Innocent Zero had revealed his incredible ability to control time using the power of a god called Timez, turning the tide of battle in his favor.

The chapter begins with Mash delivering a formidable punch to Innocent Zero, who had seemingly been defeated. However, the tables are quickly turned when Innocent Zero activates his Timez magic, rewinding time to regain his full strength and heal his injuries. This power to manipulate time and return to a previous state makes Innocent Zero a formidable enemy, as it appears that he can’t be defeated.

Innocent Zero’s powers not only let him heal but also let him revise any strategy that Mash tries to implement, making Mash’s struggle even more challenging. Throughout their confrontation, Innocent Zero tries multiple times to land a decisive blow on Mash, but our protagonist counters each attack with sheer physical strength and quick thinking.

A significant part of the chapter also sees Innocent Zero, for the first time, reflecting on his past and his journey so far. He recalls how his lack of understanding of magic in his early years led him to make many mistakes. However, his reminiscing is interrupted by Mash, who, unlike other manga protagonists, isn’t interested in hearing his sad backstory.

In an unexpected twist, Mash resorts to wrestling moves to tackle Innocent Zero. Despite Innocent Zero’s powerful magic and ability to manipulate time, he is utterly baffled by how he’s repeatedly defeated by Mash, who possesses no magic abilities. The chapter ends with Innocent Zero being manhandled by Mash, leaving readers in suspense about how this gripping battle will proceed.

Chapter 159 is thus a roller coaster of action, suspense, and emotional depth, offering new insights into characters and ramping up anticipation for what’s to come in Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

Raw Scan Release Date of Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160

Raw scans for Mashle: Magic and Muscle Chapter 160 are not available. Typically, raw scans surface online around three to four days before the official release date.

Ratings of the Show

Mashle: Magic and Muscle has received high ratings for its unique premise, engaging plotline, and memorable characters. With an average rating of 4.5 on popular manga forums, it has effectively carved a niche for itself in the manga universe. The series’ popularity, along with the overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans, has played a significant role in the show’s success.

Review of the Show

Mashle: Magic and Muscles, with its eccentric mix of comedy and action, offers a fresh perspective on the magical genre. The series deftly parodies common tropes, adding an unexpected spin on the classic underdog narrative. The humor is spot-on, making it an enjoyable read for manga lovers of all ages.

Where to Read

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is officially available on Viz Media and Manga Plus. These platforms offer the latest chapters of the series for free, allowing you to catch up on all the action and fun.


As the excitement for Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 160 builds, fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for another engaging installment in the life of Mash Burnedead. The series continues to charm readers with its unique blend of humor and heart, proving why it’s considered one of the most loved manga series. With each chapter, Mashle: Magic and Muscles continues to redefine the genre, captivating readers with its fresh and exciting narrative.

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