Mastering the scientific development of Cuba


Havana, Cuba. Cuba’s science, technology and innovation system is characterized by continuous improvement in order to promote scientific development.

Today we have running science and technology parks, which stimulate knowledge between universities, companies and markets with an export profession.

In addition, the Cuban flag praised its national programs, numbering more than 30, directed towards strategic sectors such as food industries, energy and biotechnology.

In terms of ecological activity, Cuba remains an example of the region in terms of forest index, while nearly two dozen new protected areas have been added to the list, such as Pico San Juan, in Cienfuegos, and Cuevas in Matanzas.

collective consciousness

Food security, public health and transportation are areas that are practically impossible to separate if we are talking about the effects of climate change.

For this reason, the main work of the state plan to address climate change was the organization of its implementation in various sectors of the country.

Since its approval more than four years ago, Mission Life, as this government tool is called, has re-emphasized among its priorities protecting beaches and mangroves, and not allowing new construction in threatened coastal settlements.

Of the eleven tasks that make up this guiding document, many of them are closely related to the Gulf of Havana, and therefore some projects increase the integration of the various actors involved in the purification of a privileged place for Cubans.

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