Meet N-ko, the Official Netflix Vtuber Who Watched Cartoons


Captivating the Vtuber’s unstoppable trend, Netflix was introduced this week N-ko Mei Kurono, Half Human and Sheep Girl will work on the broadcast platform for series and movies such as The new “anime ambassador”.

For those who are not yet generalized with the term, along with traditional broadcasters, we can increasingly find more of these digital characters as broadcast champions, run by someone Through the use of motion capture software. In fact, this Vtuber will be played by “a Netflix employee working on their animation lineup.”

Although her main goal is to promote the Netflix series, He’s also trying to get along with the rest of the Vtuber community She becomes a character that viewers want to see for themselves. Therefore, N-ko plans to upload the video regularly. He hosts his weekly YouTube showWith highlighting some of the series currently shown on the platform in addition to some series that have not yet appeared, in addition to other content. Sing, dance, play and comment on video games, And even some other collaborations with Vtubers.

Netflix wants to be the standard for anime

Netflix uses the direction as A way to nurture your growing interest in animation After sharing the popularity growth numbers among US users more than doubled from last year. A trend that has recently led to the announcement of its strong commitment to the Japanese animation genre, with its plans to release up to 40 animated series through 2021.

Among the other original titles, the new Netflix anime will include some manga adaptations such as The Way of the Househumber, which will premiere on April 8th; Yasuki, who will arrive on April 29th; Ragnarok Register, already dated for June; Plus game mods like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which joins the recently released series based on Valve’s DOTA 2; Live-action adaptations, like the return of the already prepared classic Cowboy Bebop; Or the imminent return to a great classic like Sailor Moon, which will debut with a new movie on June 3.

However, while the Netflix show has become more interesting to anime fans, including classic series and their original content, it has yet to be confronted. Other competitors in this sector are Crunchyroll.

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