What is the practice of phrogging found in the movie


To generate an aura of mystery and horror, the plot of the American movie See you, One of Netflix’s recent releases, includes a certain criminal habit.

Around phrogging – In English it is pronounced the Frog- It comes from the word frog -rana in English.

As American real estate writer Laura Agadoni explained in an article for Millonacres page and copied the Mexican site Animal, the frog describes exactly what the people who implement phrogging.

I see you’ve been available on Netflix since April.

They jump from house to house (generally luxurious or very spacious), and live in the basement or in openings, hoping that the people who inhabit the house will not find them.

Even in the movie See youAnimal says, the characters can be seen in masks of frogs.

These people also explain and respond to Ajadoni Animal, They are looking for homes to use as they like when residents or owners are away. In general, these are luxurious homes, which are very spacious, in remote or non-permanent locations.

Another way to enter during the day is to eat or drink.

See you a mystery and horror movie.

See you a mystery and horror movie.

Phrogging or are you running?

The above note makes it clear that both terms are not synonymous. Although in either case it denotes people invading property.

The main difference is that You occupy They take a vacant house and move in. Most of them are reluctant to leave the site or claim the right to remain on the site.

While the phroggers They are inside a populated house, they live in silence and try to pass unnoticed, but are always aware of the movements their owners follow.

As the note shows, this could be much darker than having ghosts in your home. Because the idea is that the inhabitants do not notice what is actually happening.

In the United States, cases have been recorded, and they have also become a source of influence in the evidence of Arak.

The atmosphere in which I see you is one of the constructive aspects.

The atmosphere in which I see you is one of the constructive aspects.

What is about what I see

In the midst of a family crisis over his wife’s infidelity, Detective Greg Harper must deal with the disappearance of a ten-year-old boy.

The case, the expanded Spanish site of ABC, appears to be related to another case that occurred years earlier in the same city.

From there, a plot See you -This is the original title- championship Helen Hunt and John Teny An intense horror film that includes supernatural elements and textual transitions that surprise the viewer and keep the viewer not distracted from the screen.

I see you premiered at the Southwest Festival.

I see you premiered at the Southwest Festival.

Because in a researcher’s home, tableware begin to disappear, things change their location, and pictures vanish. Additionally, a window repairman assures that the couple’s daughter let him through, even though they only have one son, Connor.

The film was released, according to ABC, in South Festival in the Southwest In 2019 with very good reviews, especially for the atmosphere its manager created Adam Randall.

In April, he joined Netflix which is one of the platform’s current phenomena.

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