Mexico is among the 25 most attractive countries for investment for the third year in a row

Mexico is among the 25 most attractive countries for investment for the third year in a row

Mexico It was left among the 25 most attractive countries to invest in global level For the third year in a row, in order of advisor Kearney.

In case MexicoInvestors are concerned about the mounting pressure on independent bodiesThe fixesmainly in matters Energeticthe least proactive To promote economic growth and costly infrastructure work with low development impact.

Ricardo Hanin Hawa, director of Kearney Mexico, explained that our country has improved despite being excluded from the top 25, which Qatar entered for the first time.

FDI has remained relatively stable (in Mexico) and continues to drive the modern sector of the economy with superior dynamic growth, although its share of US imports remains below potential because Asian countries that produce at low cost are more active,” he commented.

The director warned that if the electricity reform was approved as introduced by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, energy prices would rise and set back the goal of moving toward clean energy.

Hanin Hua explained that the importance investors place on complying with environmental requirements will put Mexico at an even greater disadvantage. He noted that in 2011, Mexico was excluded from the index due to the lack of structural reforms, while in 2013 it rose to ninth place due to energy reform and in the following two years remained in twelfth place.

In 2016, our country slipped to 18th place; In 2017 and 2018, it rose to 17 and in 2019 it decreased to 25. After that year, Mexico did not appear on the list.

The director insisted that investors are seeking structural reforms, and in the case of Mexico, the positive state of its economy is offset by expectations of institutional changes, energy reforms and infrastructure investments by the federal government, among other things.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital and El Universal

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