The Russian army refuses to participate in the invasion of Ukraine

The Russian army refuses to participate in the invasion of Ukraine

After allegedly sending a group of paratroopers to intervene in the military operations of Ukraine, it is now reported that another elite body Refusal to fight in the country and some are supposed to face charges that could lead to imprisonment.

The first case of this episode was known last February when it was reported Riot police “Plastun”of the Main Directorate of the Federal Guard Service of Russia, Refused to go to Ukrainian territory. The consequences for the then-commander and 11 soldiers were to go home to be shot after an internal review.

Now, it has been revealed that another 60 Russian military personnel are receiving legal advice not to face criminal charges for refusing to cooperate in another military deployment, but Lawyers assert that there is no crime to be prosecuted because “there is no body of crime”.

“Those who refuse to go to Ukraine, in fact, They only face class “For not complying with the terms of his contract,” one of the legal representatives advising the military told Euronews.

According to media informationPskovskaya Gubernia“, Many military personnel seek to file a lawsuit and appeal against dismissal.

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