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The Octagonal end of CONCACAF It continues its course and is getting closer and closer to its final stretch to determine who will be seeded in North and Central America at the next FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022. The United States, Mexico, Canada and Panama have a temporary ticket, but identification by who goes straight will see the best splendor in recent months.

The positions have not yet been decided and those led by Gerardo Martino are at risk of losing the rankings directly to the playoffs. For this to happen, a series of outcomes must occur. Of course, they are not far from taking the lead in the playoffs either.

The next match of Tricolor will be against Canada in Edmonton and there is a certain set of results that could drop to third place. Likewise, the possibility of being first in the table is an option that is not alien to reality.

If Mexico defeats Canada: Overcoming the maple leaf country in the Commonwealth Stadium, it will make the “three color” jigsaw more suitable because it will add 17 units. If the United States defeats Jamaica, the Mexican team will finish in second place. Of course, a win would put them first on goal difference.

If Mexico tied with Canada: This scenario would be best for those led by Gerardo Martino because they would add 15 points and remain in second place in the qualifying round. If Panama wins its match, it will tie with Canada by 14 units. However, if Mexico scores only one point, it will be difficult for them to take the lead, because if the United States wins the victory, they will take off by two units.

If Mexico loses to Canada: The scenario of defeat for Mexico in Edmonton will be the worst for the Mexican team, because it will be overtaken by units from Canada, and it will drop to third place and will be associated with 14 units with Panama in the case of the channel players. Wins. There is a possibility that Tricolor will fall back to fourth, only if Panama beats El Salvador and Mexico gets more than two goals.

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