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squid gameIt is one of the most successful Netflix series. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the South Korean novel began its first season on September 17, which consists of nine chapters, each of about 50 minutes.

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The plot revolves around people with financial problems and inclined to participate in a strange game, which offers the winner 45.6 billion won, an amount more than enough to start a new life. But what appears to be the play of innocent children soon turns into a terrifying bloody struggle for survival.

Among the participants Seung Ji-Hoon, with interpretation Lee Jong JaeA man takes the risk of competing to pay off his debts and trying to get his daughter back before his ex-wife moves with her to the United States.

Gi-hun appears at the end of the series with a drastic change of appearance (Image: Netflix)

What does GI-HUN 456 mean?

Contestant number 456 was Seung Ji-Hoon, for being the last to join the game; However, there is a theory that explains the real reason behind this. The use of these three numbers is related to the award amount (45.6 billion won) yes too password Which Gi-hun uses to access the money after winning. This series is distinguished by the use of symbolism, so fans came to their own conclusions.

What do followers say?

According to a Reddit user, Seong He was 456 . player Not only because he was the last participant but because he was destined to be the winner, which would bear a huge responsibility: ending the opaque organization of the Games.

league "squid game" It has become a favorite of many around the world (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)
The series “The Squid Game” has become a favorite of many around the world (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

What will you watch in season 2

At the end of the first batch, the winner of the “Squid game” He’s angry at the prospect of the games continuing, even going so far as to abandon plans he had with his daughter in order to finish it, it seems.

One theory revolves around it oh il name, the creator of the game, who was player 001; If the first belongs to the man who started the games, then it follows that the final number will go to the man destined to finish it forever. The truth is, the old man wanted the 456th participant to take first place from the start.

Now that Oh Il-nam is no longer the one behind the regulation, the future of the winner is uncertain. There is still the slightest chance that Gi-hun will become Ho front man From season 2, since the current season, in ho, is also a former winner. Everything can happen in the next batch of “Squid game”All that remains is to wait for what the writer of this famous series has in store.

Young Soo Oh in a scene from "squid game" From Netflix (Foto: Netflix)
Yeong-su Oh in a scene from Netflix’s The Squid Game (Image: Netflix)

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