Minions: Gru’s origin is partly thanks to the hilarious viral TikTok

Minions: Gru’s origin is partly thanks to the hilarious viral TikTok

The deal, as we can see, is simple: Meet with colleagues to go see puppy origin Putting on your best clothes. Teens from all over the world chose early morning sessions to collectively go to their trusted multiplex and log them into the room as if it were an act of the damned. meager masks. One of the keys to this viral phenomenon has been showing an almost appreciative respect, more befitting a mob godfather than a clumsy humorous presenter, for the cinematic author you’re about to experience. In short, the latest part of the multimedia franchise with increasingly low quality standards as if it were the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and thus a parody stubborn longevity For a brand, by all accounts, it has to be already dead and buried.

Again, Universal hasn’t stated any of this, but it can’t be claimed that it was developed Barriers to prevent the paradoxical re-appropriation of their corporate mascots. In an interesting article for polygonalZack Koetzer argues that the company’s inaction from the start with its Minions copyright is directly responsible for its ubiquity in contemporary pop culture, while Walt Disney’s enthusiasm from the start Selling illegally The character of Mickey Mouse (later transformed by his heirs to corporate politics into a court battle horse) results in a concrete dissolution of the character in our collective imagination. elements of goods The unlicensed client were the protagonists of some of the hilarious videos seen this weekend on TikTok, many of which showed kids dressed as Bob, Kevin or Stuart applauding wildly when the Illumination Studios logo appears on screen, or even Celebrating Asilah Rave in the middle of the projection.

Some movie series They didn’t exactly take it well This almost dada action, even calling the police in some cases (the tragic shadow of the Aurora massacre still cast itself over the United States ten years later). However, this A sense of humor enters the ownership of an audiovisual conglomerate It’s worth more than just looking over our shoulders. What the TikTok crowd achieved this weekend isn’t far off. This unforgettable (and ruinous) project Developed by leading comedians Tim & Eric in parallel with the official promotion of third partner (2007), a movie that neither of them had anything to do with. Past and present, it is a matter of applying semi-local logic to the most vulgar and non-fictional forms of that culture the current It throws us into the trendy summer season, a sort of tweak to the whole of the increasingly psychedelic mid-palate. The final transformation comes when you realize how tiktokers filled the rooms this weekend They also contribute to making Minions: puppy origin Nominee for the most successful film in the post-pandemic era (only lo Morbius He could have a similar virus…). Let’s not take that into account either: This girl has been stolen for two years of her life and now she just wants to have fun. Its good.

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