MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson’s 75th birthday this Friday

MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson’s 75th birthday this Friday

75 years after debuting with Brooklyn Dodgers Thus breaking the racial barrier in Big leaguesAnd Jackie Robinson His name will now be on a New York City street sign, his number on one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, and his memory honored in stadiums Big leagues s Little League All over the United States.

From Robinson’s hometown of Cairo, Georgia, through New York City – where he changed the game and the world, to Los Angeles – where he grew up and where Dodgers Based on Robinson’s importance to baseball and society, Friday will be celebrated with Memorial Day. Jackie Robinson The most ambitious yet.

in New York

Hall of Famers Ken Griffey Jr., Panamanian Mariano Rivera s joe tower He will be among the luminaries of baseball accompanying the commissioner MLBAnd Rob Manfredand to Sonia Banki, Jackie’s great-granddaughter and Rachel Robinson and advisor to MLBat activities honoring Robinson’s historic first appearance on April 15, 1947 with Brooklyn Dodgers in the Big Apple.

At 7:30 a.m. ET, at Times Square Pedestrians at 44th Street and 7th Street, Grevey, Riviera, Torrey, CC Sabathia, Willie Randolph and Butch Husky will attend up to 50 young people representing from all five boroughs of New York City You will participate in a special event to play baseball and softball. Programs will include BedStuy Sluggers in Brooklyn, DREAM Independent Schools in Manhattan, Bronx’s Castle Hill Little League & RBI Program, Mid-Island Little League on Staten Island, and Greater Queens Cathedral Allen AME.

After the Play Ball event at 9:30 a.m., Manfred, Banky and Griffey will be among the speakers at a press conference at Duffy Square, during which it will be revealed that a portion of 42nd Street will be temporarily named, Jackie Robinson road. The name sign will be officially placed on 42nd Street and Broadway in the afternoon and will later be moved to the Hall of Fame Big leagues In Cooperstown, New York, by day Jackie Robinson.

At noon, Sabathia, Rivera, Torre, Huskey, and Jackie’s granddaughter, Meta Robinson, will attend the lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building. The famous tower will be decorated with blue and white lights and the number 42 will appear alternately on it.

In every MLB game

This year’s celebration marks not only the 75th anniversary of Jackie’s debut, but also the 25th anniversary of the then-Commissioner’s announcement of Big leaguesBud Selig, that the number 42 Robinson will retire from every team and stadium he serves MLB. Ten years after that landmark decision, in 2007, Griffey requested and received permission to wear the number 42 on Memorial Day. Jackie Robinson And a few other players did the same. In 2009, it became a new tradition for every player, coach and manager to wear the number 42 on their uniform on April 15th.

This tradition will continue this year, but with some evolution. In honor of the 75th anniversary, field personnel will not only wear the number 42 on their uniform, but the 42 will also wear Dodger Blue, regardless of team colors.

It’s a small but meaningful way to honor the man and team who changed everything.

In Los Angeles

Jackie’s widow, Rachel, who turns 100 this year, will attend Dodger Stadium, where Dodgers They face the Reds at 10:10 PM ET.

Before the game, he was a driver DodgersD., Dave Roberts, will bring his entire team to the Robinson statue located at the main entrance in the center of the field to honor the baseball icon. Representatives from The Players Alliance and all-stars Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson will also be in attendance.

in Cairo, Georgia

Cairo, where Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, will have a special visitor on the day Jackie Robinson World Championship Cup. Braves will send a prize in 2021 so that young people can Jackie Robinson The Boys and Girls Club of Cairo-Grady County (the only boys and girls club in the country named after Jackie) can enjoy it.

Other outstanding honors

In a unique call to action for the baseball and softball community in the United States, MLB Guidelines for the existence of community associations – including those in club markets MLB small tournaments, Little League, reviving inner-city baseball, Pony, Dixie, Ripken and other leagues – to play a total of 42 innings over the weekend of April 15-17. The leagues will share their game content (using the hashtag #Jackie42) on social media, and many will be recognized on PlayBall (via Twitter and Instagram) and on

in the series MLB Network, a new segment, Remembering Jackie, hosted by Harold Reynolds, will include new interviews with Selig, former US President Bill Clinton, Bo Jackson, and Spike Lee about Robinson’s legacy in baseball and in society. The special segment will be broadcast duringMLB center “and”MLB Tonight.”

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