Canelo Alvarez trained with Rao Alejandro before facing Bevol

Canelo Alvarez trained with Rao Alejandro before facing Bevol
The urban genre singer went to Eddy Reynoso’s gym in San Diego, California, for a training session.

Eddy Reynoso Gym has become an open training center for high-performance athletes, but also Elite artists and personalities interested in sharing courses with the Canelo team. Although he has less than a month to start his fight Dmitriy BevolSaul Alvarez Welcome to Singer Rao Alejandro To share his knowledge of boxing.

Through social networks, a video of the singer was leaked from San Juan, Puerto Rico wearing gloves and Hit the same sack like cinnamon Alvarez. Although both characters made the same move for a few minutes, the difference in style was noticeable when the slaps were performed. In another post, Reynoso confirmed the presence of Alejandro When he appeared, he clenched his fists.

The singer benefited from the passage of his tour Rauw-Arena . Tour country Californiain the United States, for Meet the boxer. It is worth noting that on April 14, he had a presentation at the Changa Arena in San Diego. After hours of training, he has a commitment at the Save Mart Montserrat in Fresno, as well as in Los Angeles and San Jose in the following days.

Eddie Renoso welcomed Alejandro to his gym (Image: Instagram/@Caneloteam)

This isn’t the first time Saúl and Eddy have agreed to receive characters from outside their camp at the gym. On March 4, 2022, he was the guest of honor Edwin Kazvocalist fixed group, who sang an acapella while the Guadalajara boxer was training. Even at the same time as the session He jumped into the rope as Alvarez was doing his warm-up.

After a few moments, Eddie Rinoso went to correct the moves of the Mexican regional singer He imposed a series of basic combinations that he carried out for a few seconds. Likewise, try to mimic Alvarez’s moves in the ring before the anticipating looks of other characters such as the featherweight superhero. Oscar Valdez.

The other characters who have visited Team Canelo in recent days are Renee Perez Guglar, known as resident. In his case, the visit was more confidential and he only shared two photos on his social networks with Saúl lvarez and scar Valdéz, although he also He was seen with his fists After conducting a training session.

The Grupo Firme singer-songwriter trained with Canelo and Eddy Reynoso at the famous gym “Canelo Team”

After uniting all the 168-pound titles, Saúl lvarez was ready to return to the almost full weight class To win his second world title. On this occasion, he will be the challenger to be overcome Dmitriy Bevola Russian boxer of the same age who declared himself king of the World Boxing Association (WBA)WBA) since 2016 when the belt was first suspended.

The Russian boxer achieved ten successful defenses for his championship and He has not known defeat since his debut in 2014. Over time, he led 19 fights in which he scored 11 knockouts which made him one of the best athletes at the moment along with his compatriot Arthur Peterbiev. These qualities, as well as his physical presence, bring him into consideration by the promoter cinnamon Alvarez most dangerous rivals.

“I’ve seen clips of Bivol. He looks sexy in gloves, his movement, his movement, his striking power. I’m telling you now This might be the hardest battle of my career cinnamon Alvarez out Floyd Mayweather. “It’s a really tough fight,” Eddie Hearn told the show. DAZN Boxing Show.

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