La Jornada – They crossed the line in criticizing El Tri, Guti . claims

La Jornada – They crossed the line in criticizing El Tri, Guti . claims

Eric Gutierrez, midfielder in Eindhoven and the Mexican national team, considered that the Mexican media strongly criticize the custom of the three colors, for which he defended coach Gerardo Martino’s career despite the complications in the octagon towards the World Cup in Qatar.

“We already know what this looks like. They criticize us all, and I think later they go overboard. The idea was to qualify first in the group, we did it second, but it was achieved,” he said from Eindhoven at a press conference.

“Often he played well and sometimes not so much, he qualified and that is the important thing. Inside the national team we are calm and there are warm-up games to give a touch on how we approach. You have to be united, positive and enthusiastic.”

Every mother joti They arrived after Team Tricolor managed to pass into Qatar with a bit of a struggle, after cruising around the playoffs to finish second in the Concacaf group, behind Canada.

The accusations against the team came after they tied neatly against the United States and Canada in key leadership duels. However, they reconciled with the fans by closing the pass in the victory over El Salvador.

He seeks his first title with PSV Eindhoven

Individually, Gutierrez will be seeking his first title on the pitch with PSV Eindhoven when he faces Ajax on Sunday, where his compatriot Edson Alvarez plays, in the final of the Dutch Cup.

“It is important to always be a champion. In the Super Cup (2021) I did not go to the national team and now I feel important in the team and I want to participate more. It will be my first title since my arrival, I will consider it something nice personally.”

He admitted that even in his last concentration with the Mexican team, he talked and joked with Alvarez about how difficult it would be to face each other in this duel.

“He told me I hope we lose and also in the league,” he said with a laugh. “We speak well, he knows the level of this team. We will face each other and everyone defend their club. It is a competition to the max that you can only lose in the final. We will win for everyone. With Edson, it is good to know that there is a Mexican in every club. “.

“I don’t know (Alvarez’s) weakness, but I know what he’s doing right and what’s wrong, although I can’t say. In Mexico we faced each other when he was in America and I was in Pachuca and we are both very focused on the Sunday game.”

The midfielder highlighted the qualities of Atletico Alexis Vega, who considered him ready to sign with a European team. “I discussed it with him (Alexis) in the national team, because he is able to make the jump to Europe. You just have to think about things. He is a player that I love.”

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