MLS denies La Ruga’s agreement with Matthias Almeida


Some even consider it ready, but the truth is that Matthias Almeida He is close to reaching the bank of La Rocha and becoming a substitute for Rinaldo Rueda.

Or this, at least, what they’re saying from the United States. According to the official website of MLSFrom Chile, no one has contacted San Jose Earthquakes, the current coach across the Andes region.

In their posting, they confirmed this The rumors about the arrival of the former Argentine national team are incorrect.

“The Chilean Football Association has not contacted San Jose Earthquakes, regarding Almeida’s interest in the vacant coach position,” they explained from the NFL Board of Directors.

“During this MLS season, it is rumored that Almeyda was on the shortlist for many different teams. They added that among them are Brazilian Palmeiras, Mexican team Monterrey and Cruz Azul.

“They are wrong”

But MLS aren’t the only ones ruling out, for now, Almeida’s departure from the California squad.

Alicia Rodriguez, Journalist from MidlineHe pointed out that “from the earthquakes he told me that the Chilean team did not approach them to buy the contract of Matthias Almeida.”

Therefore, it appears that the rumors of his impending departure are untrue.The reporter added.

Meanwhile, from ESPN in the US, Geoff Carlisle indicated that negotiations for the arrival of the Argentine ship DT in Chile are far from over.

“Chile has not taken any approach with San Jose to hire Matias Almeida. Can they talk to Almeida representatives? Sure, but at some point they will need to communicate with San Jose and they haven’t done so yet,” the professional explained.

Thus, the arrival of the new strategist of the “All Team” appears far from certain.

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