MMA: Russian Khytag Plev loses his finger while fighting at CFFC94 | UFC


It’s Thursday and it’s night Cage Fury Fighting Championshipwhich is transmitted by UFC Fighting PassHowever, today’s billboard has become a horror movie because of Khitag Belive, the former Olympic fighter, was not only defeated, but also lost a finger of his hand while facing off Devin Goodallthat ended immediately.

This isn’t the first time a taekwondo player or fighter has left their sport for octagons and cross fists in a real game. This is the case Belive that have been mutated into different sports to fall into one of the most famous cages in the world.

However, tonight you will remember it very well because in the heat of battle he not only fell into another fight in his record, but also lost a finger. This happened when the Russians attacked the ground while Goodal He stopped and the counterattacked him.

The fight ended in the second round when the referee became aware of the situation by noting that A Belive One of his fingers was missing. As I mentioned The Bagel LED, the fighter lost that limb that was inside his glove.

“I don’t know what happened.”, she expressed Goodal After they explained to him what happened above the appraiser from CFFC94.

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