“Moctezuma” Alonso and plan revenge on the track against Toto Wolff and Mercedes


Fernando Alonso The Mexican GP He ignores, for the time being, the mockery he threw Toto Wolf, the head of Mercedes, in a statement questioning the character of the Spaniard. And despite facing a long and difficult final period for the tournament, he admits his arrival in Mexico is highly motivated.

after the race Most disappointing of the season – USA – for Fernando Alonso and the AlpsThe French team is in high spirits and they hope to get a good result again. However, involuntarily, the Asturian was the center of a strange controversy upon his arrival Mexico City.

Like just about everything that happens around Fernando, the repercussions when it comes to his name are enormous. This time it was because of the controversial statements of Toto Wolf, “main team” mercedes who criticized in an elegant but direct way the way the Spanish driver exists: “Fernando is, without a doubt, one of the best drivers who have ever raced in Formula 1. It’s disappointing for our sport that he only has two world titles to his nameBut sometimes some drivers are misguided and think more about money when changing teams or getting into the media spotlight and starting to think they are the sun. And you do not. none of us. We are all satellites, we are planets revolving around the sun.”

Toto Wolff is relentless if someone wants to be smart. (Reuters / Kai Fafenbach)

With Toto Wolff nothing is casual

Anyone who was close to Toto Wolff knows this The Austrian manager never sews without a thread in their statements. The Free Club doesn’t understand much about a pilot they’ve never worked with to praise him in comparison to him Lewis Hamilton. But it all sounds like a warning to sailors to anyone who believes in the sun, but in his own home, precisely now in the time of decades.

At about the same time as the statements about Alonso, the Austrian was referring to Hamilton’s future partner, George Russell: “This is a Mercedes. We have no place for the lost genius. Even a super driver should respect team values. I wouldn’t hesitate in the future if a driver spoke badly of the team or did something inappropriate. I would have dealt with it internally first, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll get the driver out of the car on the bench.” By all accounts, when Wolff talks about a super driver, we all inevitably think of Hamilton.

It was pointless to criticize that Fernando Alonso He made wrong decisions, probably motivated by money, as Wolff noted, when Lewis Hamilton signed with Mercedes more than twice what he was accused of at McLaren. Wolf knows her like no one else does, because he’s the one who signs the checks. In the background, Alonso served as Mercedes boss to send “errands”, be it to star engineers, George Russell or Lewis Hamilton. It was simply Fernando Alonso passing victim of that aircraft for indoor use.

currently, The two-time world champion doesn’t seem to care much about Wolff’s commentBut knowing him, it might not have been a good idea to wake the Beast with such statements, especially if they meet again on the right track at the end of this season.

Alonso will ask for clarification of the setting of the track boundaries. (Reuters/Mike Blake)

Path limits

Alonso’s concerns revolve in Mexico until the end of the season even more Clarify the runway boundary issue and its penalties. This weekend the drivers will sit down with the competition director, Michael Massey: “After reviewing what happened in the first corner in Austin, my opinion is always the same. When you go off the track, you usually give up the position. In football, every time you touch the ball with your hands in the area, it will be a penalty, and it is not necessary to spell it out in every game. I’m open to hearing what you have to say, but I think there is So many other things to discuss He explained in this regard at the official FIA press conference on Thursday.

The Spanish pilot stresses that the talks between the pilots and Massey are usually very fruitful and Hope a solution is found To avoid recurring problems. “We all want to have as fair an election as possible,” Fernando said. “The problem is that sometimes it’s not just the drivers participating in the same race, But also the nature of the circle“.

Objective: score again

Regarding your chances in this profession, Alonso highlighted how excited he was upon his arrival in Mexico And how impressed he is with the unique atmosphere of this Grand Prix, where he will probably be the driver next Czech Perez With the largest number of followers. “The points are the goal,” the Asturian pilot commented. “The four times I ran [en México] They weren’t in the best shape. We used it to change the engine with McLaren twice and another year I guess I didn’t even get out, because I had to retire when I was going to the grid after the engine change on Sunday morning, Desire to compete and run“.

The Hermanos Rodriguez Racetrack It is a very special circuit for its height (2200 meters) and for its maximum design, which alternates between areas of very high speed with other parts of the circuit with very narrow curves. Understand the performance gap between soft and medium It will be the key to qualification. Although the vehicles it brings Pirelli It’s Austin conditions, here the conditions are very different due to the lack of potholes and less asphalt scraping. In Friday’s two free practice sessions, Alonso’s “plan” will continue its course. There may also be “revenge” this weekend. That last Hungarian Grand Prix…

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