More from UNO Madrid Norte, Wednesday 12 January 2022

  • The origin of the association is a group of friends who meditate

  • His motto is “He who helps always helps.”

  • They meet on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Centro 21 de Marzo de Tres Cantos

  • On Wednesday 12th at 6:00 pm they are organizing a workshop on Transformation Technology.

Officially, the Crezando Juntas de Tres Cantos Association was born in January 2020, although its origin comes from meditation meetings held by a group of friends, “As a group we felt good together, we grew up together,” explains President Laura Muñiz, so they decided to take the leap and become Association. The pandemic has halted the development of some of his ideas although it has encouraged others to adapt as a conversation of meditation still running.

We are atypical. We have a wonderful mission to preserve values ​​and raise the level of planet vibration and mutual aid, unite us feminine energy”, explains Moniz. The Tres Cantos-Growing Together Women association aims to defend, disseminate and nurture comprehensively the interests and values ​​of women. To do this, they carry out activities that promote participation. Social, creative or self-employment.

“We are between 20 and 25 members. We have psychologists, historians, engineers, economists, tai chi teachers… and we share our knowledge in workshops and activities.”

On Wednesday, January 12th, they organized a workshop on Metamorphic technique presented by therapist Nadia Moya Angler. By massaging the feet, hands, and skull, she evokes the menstrual cycle from precognition, through pregnancy and pregnancy, to shed emotions.
Appointment from 6:00 pm in the municipal center on March 21 (family) Limited places. Book at [email protected]

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