Mukdad singer dies – Los Angeles Times

Mukdad singer dies – Los Angeles Times

Due to digestive problems, singer Anna Bejarano died at the age of 61, who replaced the legendary translator Amaya Oranga, the famous voice of the Mocedades group, in the 80s.

“The artist has not overcome a serious digestive problem because of which she was admitted on December 11 (at Urdúliz Hospital in Vizcaya). The funeral is scheduled for Monday January 10 at 7:00 pm in the Church of Santa Ana in his hometown of Las Arenas de Getxo.

Bejarano remained active in the music world outside of the Mocedades, a group she belonged to from 1985 (when she was only 24 years old) until 1993.

He was also part of El Consorcio, a group formed by some members of the Mocedades when there were legal problems over the name.

According to Spanish newspaper El País, in 2018, the singer returned to Mocedades (under Javier Garay’s baton), and participated in an extended tour in which the band celebrated their five decades over half of Spain last year.

On October 29, they received a Special Radiolé 2021 Award for their lifetime achievement at the Fibes Hall in Seville, where they sang ‘Eres Tú’ and ‘Que No se Acab el Mundo’. The statement specifies that Ana Bigerano’s latest songs are on stage.

Bejarano was a fan of cool jazz characters, and he sang songs presented by Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, among other celebrities of the genre.

During his time with Mocedades, he appeared on the albums Colores, Sobreviviremos and ntimamente.

He recorded it along with Amaya Uranga on Lliura Urdinak’s album, and just four years ago he promoted his jazz album, Bossa Nova and a story album called Solitude.

Her voice and talent have taken her to various stages outside of Spain, especially Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

The Mocedades announced that their first concert this year will be dedicated to the memory of Ana Bigerano.

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