Musician and opposition politician Bobby Wayne has been arrested again in Uganda


Ugandan Musician and Opposition MP Robert Kyagolani Sentamo, Known by his stage name Bobby wineHe was arrested again on Monday 22 April 2019 after trying to organize a concert, according to police sources who confirmed to Efe.

The event was scheduled for the banks Lake Victoria, At the beach One Love Beach Buababala, But the security forces closed it and expelled the crowd tear gas Because the concert did not receive mandatory prior permission from the police.

Bobby wineSome of his colleagues and several of his aides were arrested during the operation, including the politician as well Francis Zaki.

Police spokeswoman told Evie that Wayne was arrested for “violating the Public Order Administration Act, which requires police to allow all concerts and protests before they begin.” Nami Polly.

After that, an order was issued to transfer the musician and other detainees to their homes so that, according to the sources, they would remain under house arrest.

Wayne, for his part, claimed that a month earlier he had requested police permission to attend the event.

Namai confirmed this information to Efe, but indicated that the request was still “under consideration,” so it was not authorized to celebrate the event.

This isn’t my first gig Bobby wine Interrupted by the police, in which I slept Uganda Accusations of political persecution by the government Yoweri Museveni.

Ugandan police expelled the crowd from Bobby Wayne in Lake Victoria with water and tear gas. Photo: AFP

The last case was a party on December 26, in which lovers participated vintage They ended up facing the police. Nor is it the first arrest of this increasingly popular 37-year-old opposition politician.

Last August, Wayne was arrested during a political rally at Arua, In the northwest UgandaHis driver was shot dead by the police. Initially, Wayne would have been tried in court martial, but then the charges were dropped so he could be immediately arrested again and charged via civilian channels.

The arrest sparked an uproar in the country and criticism from international human rights organizations against executive from Museveni.
Even personalities from other countries, including musicians as leaders of groups Bad playAnd Chris Martin, And BlurAnd Damon AlbarnHe supported a public petition for the release of vintage.

“Everything seems to indicate that the government and the president of Uganda want me to die because they are afraid of young people, who can no longer lie to them or tell them anything else,” Wayne said in an interview with Evie last October.

Museveni is one of the African presidents who have been in power for a long time and is distinguished by his conservative views on social issues and his hostile stance against Homosexuals.

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