The actress tragically dies at the age of 15


Young actress Nikita Pearl and Elligua, Who participated in a movie written by Disney, At the age of 15, due to a brain tumor, media reported UgandaWhere it was originally.

His most famous role was in Reina de Katwe, In which she played the friend of the protagonist when she was little. The film deals with the true story of Fiona Mutisi, a chess player from a poor neighborhood in Uganda. Waligwa took part on screen when it came to her early years, and explained chess to the protagonist.

In this movie, the Oscar winner played Fiona’s mother. Lupita Nyong’o. In real life, Mutisi successfully competed internationally, a story that director Mira Nair brought to theaters.


Two brain tumors are treated in India

The deceased had her first brain tumor in 2016, and Nair covered his treatment in India, the country in which she was born, out of her own pocket. According to local media reports, the Ugandan doctors would have admitted that they did not have the equipment to treat her. He finally received chemotherapy and underwent surgery in India.

In 2017 he was cured, but two years later he was diagnosed with a new tumor. According to his relatives, his brain swelled and was in severe pain. He died on Saturday in a hospital in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. “He was not just a star, he was an inspiration to any young man,” local media say. A new vision. Waligwa will be buried on Monday.

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